MLA Roja: MLA Roja outraged in Puttur as degenerate politics prevails | YSRCP MLA Roja protest in Chittoor District Puttur, Warning to TDP leaders on degenerate politics

MLA Roja: MLA Roja is outraged in Puttur as degenerate politics prevails


YSRCP MLA Roja: Under the auspices of the ruling YSR Congress Party, population initiations are in full swing in all constituencies across the state. Roja took part in a protest in Puttur, Chittoor district. A protest rally was held in Roja city after paying floral tributes to the statue of Vyassar in the city square. On this occasion, Roja was incensed that the Telugu Desam Party was doing bad politics. She advised the opposition not to do such things again.

Meanwhile, the YCP is continuing its protest today across the state condemning the indecent remarks of TDP leaders. Population initiations are being conducted under the auspices of YSRCP in all constituencies. Massive rallies and protests were held in Nellore. In Prakasam district, a mass initiation was conducted under the patronage of Minister Balineni Srinivasareddy. Protests against the TDP are raging in all constituencies.

Chief Minister Shri YS Jagan was not only verbally abused but also called for a state bandh and MP Vijayasaireddy criticized Chandrababu’s decision to go for a 36-hour initiation as it failed. The MP participated in the Janagraha Deeksha held in Visakhapatnam. The MP said that Chandrababu had been holding “Janagraha Dikshas” for days demanding an apology for the obscene remarks.

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