Lie Detecting: These tests can detect if someone is lying .. How .. | Lie Detecting scientific methods know about polygraph Norco Analysis Brain Mapping in details

Lie Detecting: These tests can detect if someone is lying.

Lie Detectng Machine

Lie Detecting: Finding the culprits is one height .. Proving their guilt and getting them punished is another height. The second is more difficult for the police than the first. Because even though they know that what is in front of them is the perpetrator of the crime .. they are often faced with situations where they cannot tell even a single fact about it from him. Once upon a time in some cases the perpetrators misled the real thing by lying. Is the person they suspect is telling them the truth? The police are confused as to whether he is lying. However, there are some special techniques to determine whether what they say is true or false. These are in use all over the world. These are commonly called lie detectors. But, there are three types of tests. Polygraph tests, narco-analysis, are the main scientific tests used to detect brain mapping lies. However, these tests are allowed in our country only with the consent of the parties. Let us know how the actual tests are done.

Polygraph examination

Polygraph testing is one of the most commonly used experimental methods to detect lies as part of criminal investigation. The experiment was discovered in 1921 by John Augustus Larson, a medical student at the University of California. This test is performed with the help of electronic machines. By attaching specific devices such as sensors to the body .. The test is performed by carefully monitoring the defendant’s blood pressure, pulse, and various emotions. Experts come to the conclusion that what a person says is true or false by closely observing how the person’s body responds without knowing these kinds of questions. The accuracy of this test is often questioned.

Narco analysis

Narco-analysis is another scientific method used by criminal investigation agencies to gather evidence from suspects. The English word ‘narco’ is derived from the Greek word ‘narc’, which means ‘to faint’. The term was first used to refer to the method of injecting and prosecuting prisoners of war, criminals, and in some cases psychiatrists with stimulants such as barbiturates. This is a method of detecting an old lie. One of the oldest lie detector methods.

The term was first used by the American psychologist Horsley in 1922. It is a scientific test used to inject drugs into criminals called Truth Serum. These drugs, called Truth Serum, can change people’s brains to answer all questions honestly without restraint or self-control. But we can not be sure that what they say is completely true. Injecting these Truth veins without proper precautions can lead to death. This test is performed very carefully in people suffering from disorders such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Narcotic drugs have the ability to slow down the functioning of the senses. Can bring a person into the middle of sleep without pain. Such drugs are often used as true veins. Individuals answer all of these questions without self-control in a specific state between drowsiness. Horsley then discovered that people talk about everything without interruption when injecting certain drugs.

Brain mapping

Brain mapping is another major form of detecting lies. It is a method of monitoring brain activity. Brain mapping is a set of neuroscience techniques that determine the biological characteristics and dimensions of the human or other organism brain. It also helps to know if what a person is saying is false or true. Other popular lie detector methods include eye tracking technology, voice pressure analysis, and nonverbal behavior monitoring.

But despite all these methods, it is not scientifically accepted that any of these are insurmountable or that they are always effective or accurate. This often leads to mistakes. None of these experimental methods are effective in specific psychiatric patients. Because they sometimes believe a myth to be true. In most of these cases, the lie detector tools remain irrelevant. In some intelligence agencies, such as CIA officers, they must undergo a lie detector test before being hired. Lying reports are not considered strong evidence in most parts of the world, except for a few countries, such as the United States.

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