Kodali Nani: CM made indecent remarks on Jagan as per plan .. Responding to Lokesh Sawal: Kodali Nani | Kodali Nani comments on TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu Nara Lokesh Pawan Kalyan over on YCP attack on TDP issue

Kodali Nani: CM made indecent remarks on Jagan as per plan .. Responding to Lokesh Sawal: Kodali Nani

Kodali Nani

Kodali Nani comments on TDP: Minister Kodali Nani has criticized the TDP spokesperson for making indecent remarks on Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy as per the plan. No one was warned to make indecent remarks on CM Jagan. Kodali Nani criticized Pattabhi for taking money and saying that he was a paid artist. Minister Kodali Nani Lokesh fired at Chandrababu for leaving CM Jagan behind. Nani was incensed that the YSSRCP ranks were deliberately provoked as per the plan. Nani was outraged that Chandrababu was a fraudulent politician from the beginning. No matter how many people like Chandrababu came, they fired at Chandrababu saying that they could not move even an inch of CM YS Jagan. Minister Kodali Nani said that they do not want Chandrababu to insult paid artists. According to the strategy, the TDP is incensed that it is spreading false propaganda against the government. Chandrababu was stoned to death by Chandrababu in Tirupati and Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi knew what kind of person Chandrababu was.

Chandrababu was asked what face he would meet Amit Shah now. Nani criticized that no one believed Chandrababu’s konga japas. He was incensed that the TDP had tried to publicize that CM Jagan was supplying drugs to the country. TDP leaders have been claiming that YS Jagan has been supplying cannabis from Thadepalli for the last 10 days. Pawan Kalyan was sleeping in a farm house when Posani attacked Krishna Murali’s house. Now that two seats in the TDP office have been vacated, democracy is being murdered. Still, TDP leaders are advised to keep their mouths shut. Kodali Nani said that they should respond to the challenge thrown by Lokesh. He should be challenged after becoming an MLA in his life.

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