Knife: This is a super knife .. not made of steel .. even non veg can be cut smooth .. Do you know what it is made of? | Knife made with wood US Scientists make wonder it smoothly cuts non veg also

Knife: This is a super knife .. not made of steel .. even non veg can be cut smooth .. Do you know what it is made of?

Knife With Non Veg

Knife: What metal is used to make a knife? Do you even know it if you ask this question? Sounds like you see it all. Knowing that, the answer you think may no longer be wrong. All we know is that the sword is made of steel .. only that it is made of iron. Well aside from that .. what can you do with wood? Again this question sounds insane. One of the many answers to this question is that vegetables can be chopped with a knife. That’s all. Abba .. What are the questions .. Answers Tell me about the program? We are getting there. Scientists have made a knife out of wood. Don’t say what a mess it is to have something shaped like a sword. You would be a lot surprised if you knew the truth.

Want to know more?

Scientists have made a sharp knife out of wood. It is 3 times sharper than a steel knife. It is made by compressing wood in a special way. Researchers at the University of Maryland in the United States, who made it, say that with this knife, non-veg ingredients can be cut as smooth as butter.

This is how a wooden knife is made.

A piece of wood was taken to make the knife. After it was placed in a special chemical, it was compressed. Doing so several times completely removes water and moisture from the wood. This hardens the wood. Then a sword was made from it. Scientists claim that the wood produced in this way is 23 times stronger than normal. It does not harm the environment in any way.

Scientists say the knives currently available are made from steel or ceramic. Its material must be rigid if the knife is to be made. All the others have been making swords on the same principle. However, scientists say wooden knives are just as tough. Scientists have not officially announced how long the sword will be available on the market.

Why wood is hard ..

Researcher Teng Li explains why wood is so hard and how to make a knife out of it. “Wood contains an element called cellulose. The wood is dense .. This is the reason for being strong. For this reason wood can be made stronger than ceramics and metals. However this quality of wood has not been taken out by anyone so far. Now we are pushing the sword. ” Said Teng Li. Explaining further about this, Lee said. “Wood contains 40 to 50 percent cellulose. The rest are hemicellulose..lignin elements. These are weak. That’s why we removed such weak elements from the wood and used cellulose to make the knife. ”

Dust resistant knife

According to research published in the journal Matter, this knife has not only a sharp edge, but also dust resistance. That is, it does not stick to the dust. So the risk of infection is lower when you cut foods. Its edge can also be sharpened like a regular knife. Similarly this wooden knife can be rinsed well after use.

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