Kidney Transplant: Pig Kidney Man .. The world’s first successful operation .. How it was done .. | American Doctors succeeded in transplanting kidney from a pig to Human First of its kind in the World

Kidney Transplant: The world's first successful operation on a pig kidney man .. how it was done ..

Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant: Kidney is the most important organ in man. If the kidney is damaged there is no other way but to replace it. However, another man needs to donate his urine fetus in order to have a kidney transplant. This is a very risky job. Most people die of kidney failure by the time. In this context, American doctors have had great success in the field of kidney transplantation. There the pig kidney was transplanted into humans. This is the first case of its kind in the world. The transplant took place at NYU Langawan Health Hospital in New York. Experts say this is a big step forward. This success may pave the way for transplanting animal organs for people who have been waiting for transplants for decades.

This conversion process is not easy. For this, scientists had to make preparations over the years to prevent the human body from rejecting the pig kidney. How to prepare for transplantation, how to repair pig kidney in successful the transplant is..let’s know the answers to these questions ..

Made a pig kidney suitable for human transplantation

The greatest risk of transplanting animal organs into humans is rejection. Simply put, the human body does not accept the body parts of other animals. To overcome this challenge, scientists first made changes in the genes present in the pig embryo. After the transformation, those molecules were removed from their body. Because, these can cause problems after conversion. The pig immune system formed from these embryos becomes able to coordinate with the human immune system.

After this, the pig thymus gland was surgically connected to a kidney. It reduces the immune response that is produced when it is transplanted into humans. Some time later, a brain dead patient had a pig kidney transplant on his thigh. So that it can be easily monitored. This brain dead patient had kidney failure. So the patient was included in the experiment after the consent of the relatives.

Such surgery was performed to check whether the kidneys were functioning properly. The patient connected the new kidney to the vessels that carry and carry blood throughout the body. It was monitored for the next 3 days. Researcher Dr. Robert Montgomery said the human body accepted the kidney. Started working normally.

Dr. Robert says he will release more urine than expected after a new kidney transplant. Everything is as usual. Prior to transplantation, the patient had high levels of creatinine, which damaged the kidneys. It returned to normal after the transplant.

More than 1,07,000 people in the US are waiting for an organ transplant. Of these, over 90,000 are in need of kidneys. On average, a person has to wait 3 to 5 days for a kidney. At the same time, more than 6,100 people in the UK are on the line for organ transplants. Of these, 4,584 patients required a kidney transplant.

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