Kesineni Nani: Big shock to TDP .. Keshineni Nani who took photos of Chandrababu in the office | Kesineni Nani: Big shake in Bezawada politics .. Deletion of Chandrababu photos on MP Kesineni Bhavan Parliament Office

Kesineni Nani: Big shock to TDP .. Keshineni Nani who took photos of Chandrababu in the office


Kesineni Nani: Bejwada is a hot topic in politics right now. Strong intended leader in the Telugu country. The hot topic is that the TDP flag is now being hoisted by Keshineni, a leader with a mass following and a leader who has won at least six.

Yes, there are no more photos of Chandrababu in the Keshineni Nani camp office. Ratan Tata’s photos were displayed in that place. The photos of him with seven in-charges in his MP constituency are also gone.

If you think the service is maximum .. there is no need to take photos of Chandrababu and TDP leaders. But if he removes them and puts in too many new photos .. is he signaling that he is away from politics? If not .. do you want to say that TDP is the only distance?

The new discussion in the AP, including Bejwada, is that Nanny is jumping into the BJP. Talks with the Lotus elders are already coming to an end. The prophecy says that if you put your foot in the boat, you will not even get the position. Nanny had to tell me which of these was true.

However, since the election time of Vijayawada Munsilap Corporation, there have been some upheavals in the local Telugu country. He also had to eat several dakkamukkis to make his daughter Shweta okay as a corporation chaplain candidate. At that time, there was talk that two factions, the Devineni Group and the Keshineni Group, were hurting the Bejwada TDP. After that, everything seemed to be the same .. but the fire inside is still the scene of the latest photo matter.

Kashineni, who has been vying for the party and party supremacy for years, has said he will no longer contest. He also suggested that he select another new leader in his place for the next election time. However, his aides say that Keshineni is suffering because his superiors did not even try to appease him. On the other hand, there are rumors that talks have been held with the BJP and that there is a position at the Center. All in all, Alako or Afaro .. Keshineni gave a definite signal that the bus was leaving.

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