Jio Phone Next: Geophone Next with Pragati OS .. These are the latest features released by Jio! | Reliance officially released its Jio Phone next smart Phone features and Price

Jio Phone Next: Geophone Next with Pragati OS .. Here are the latest features released by Jio!

Jio Phone Next

Jio Phone Next: The world’s cheapest Android smartphone Jio Phone Next (JioPhone Next) will be released soon. The company said it would launch before Diwali. In such a situation, the company has shared videos and features related to this phone. Said in the phone making video. This phone is made in India. Although its price has not been revealed yet, due to the cheap Android smartphone, it has been the talk of the world.

The company says that Geophone is Next Made in India, Made for India, Made by Indians. This smartphone gives every citizen of the country an equal opportunity to connect with digital technology. This phone is going to change the lives of millions of Indians in the country. In 5 years, Geo has become the largest telecom company in the country. More than 43 crore users have joined the Geo Network.

Pragati OS ..

This phone comes with Progress OS. It works with Android. This is a great operating system. It was specially designed for India. Geo and Google have jointly prepared the phone. The phone OS was named Progress because it wants to bring progress in the phone country. Despite the low price, customers get a better experience from it. Qualcomm has prepared the JioPhone Next processor.

The company has shared Geophone Next features

Voice Assistant: With its help, users will be able to control their device. Opening and maintaining the app, etc. With this, you can search the data with the help of internet by giving commands in your language.

Read aloud: With the help of this feature, you can hear the content that appears on the phone screen aloud. That is, the user does not need to read the content. It also gives you the option to listen in different languages.

Translate: With its help, users can translate the screen into their preferred language. This feature also allows the user to read content in the language of their choice. camera: The phone gets a 13-megapixel rear camera. For photography with this camera, many modes are available such as Portrait, Night, Blur Background, Low Light. It also comes with pre-loaded custom Indian augmented reality filters.

Jio .. Google Apps are preloaded: Most pre-loaded Android apps are available on most phones. Users can also download apps with the help of Play Store. Geo apps are also available on the phone.

Automatic Software Update: Automatic software update option is available on the phone. With this, updates will be available from time to time to make the phone better and faster. It also includes security updates.
Amazing Battery Life: This phone comes with Pragati OS. It is based on Android. The company claims that this OS gives the user a strong battery life.

The phone is priced at Rs. 3,499 ..

Data Engineer, Product Review Typist Yogesh Geophone Next Price Rs. 3,499. Yogesh often leaks specifications and prices for phones and gadgets. Earlier, he also leaked the specifications of JioPhone Next.

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