It is not enough to punish them, they should cut the mysteries on the road and cut off their legs and arms .. MLA Prasannakumar Reddy sensational comments | Mla nallapareddy prasanna kumar reddy sensational comments on women harassment accuses

It is not enough to punish them.

Mla Nallapareddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy

MLA Prasanna Kumar Reddy: YCP MLA Nallapureddy Prasannakumarreddy has expressed concern that women who have made any laws will lack protection. He made sensational remarks on the occasion. He said laws need to be enacted to shoot women on the sidewalk if they lay their hands on them. Only then will there be fear in animals in human form. Prasanna Kumar Reddy participated in the inaugural function of the second phase of the support scheme held in Indukuripeta zone of Nellore district. Speaking on the occasion, he expressed concern that violence against women was on the rise across the country. He said female children were afraid to turn on the roads.

He questioned why such harsh laws were brought in India, saying that sex offenders who commit atrocities against women would be hanged on the highway abroad. He said changes were needed in the laws to protect women. The MLA said he would write a letter to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for a change in the laws. He said it was not enough to catch and punish the perpetrators of sexual assault. Chief Minister YS Jagan said that justice was being done to women to some extent through the Direction Act. “We have a culture of respect for girls. People also have a responsibility to protect every woman,” he said.

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