Huzurabad: Just 7 days left for Huzurabad Political League .. Horror campaign | Huzurabad By Election temperature heats up

Huzurabad: Huzurabad Political League has just 7 days left.

Huzurabad By Poll

Huzurabad By Elections: Just 7 Days .. The rest of the time for the Huzurabad Political League. One count so far .. Another count of days this week. That is why the tension started among the major parties in the election ring. All the top leaders of the major parties say Chalo Huzurabad. Everyone stays there and assesses the situation at the field level. Sharpening tactics. The whole of Telangana is looking towards Huzurabad in the wake of another week of voting. Bipole heat is not normal. Although the three major parties are in the ring, the competition is between the TRS-BJP. The suspense reached its peak stage as the situation was tough. The nerve of the electorate is not elusive. That is why all the top leaders shifted to Huzurabad.

There is a week time ఎన్నిక for elections. But there are only 5 days left for the campaign. That is why the heat has reached a high level. The constituency is already surrounded by the ruling TRS. Minister Harish Rao stays there for a month and conducts campaign duties. Ministers Koppula and Gangula also devote full time to Huzurabad. TRS is planning for CM KCR Sabha. However, with the latest sanctions, the House has not yet clarified. The Pink Team is also planning road shows in advance. Byte Palla Rajeshwarreddy

From the BJP till now, everything has been led by Tana. Now the star has entered the campaigners scene. Union Minister Kishan Reddy, state president Bandi Sanjay, seniors Jitender Reddy, DK Aruna and Vijayashanti are busy campaigning. Eeta’s wife Jamuna is also going home. Kamal Dalam hopes to bring some other top leaders from Delhi into the campaign. However, this has not yet been clarified. BYTE Kishan Reddy

The TRS has lagged behind the Congress campaign compared to the BJP. But now it has picked up speed a bit. Put the full team in the ring. Former PCC chief Uttam and senior leader VH reached Huzurabad. Rewanth will also be staying for 3 days from tomorrow. All the key leaders are already campaigning zone-wise.

The Huzurabad bypoll will be held on the 30th of this month. Results on November 2. Bullets of words exploded as all the major leaders from the three parties stepped into the ring. The resound is muted with counters-encounters. It is a suspense as to whom the voters will turn to.

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