Huzurabad: Huzurabad is in turmoil. Huzurabad By Elections: Telangana Political parties reason is where highest politics is running on Dalitha Bandhu Scheme Hurdles

Huzurabad: Huzurabad is on the verge of collapse.

Huzurabad By Election

Huzurabad BY Election: Huzurabad is in turmoil. Highheet politics is running on who is the reason behind the blaze. The whole point is that the Dalit bandh is a temporary bandh. But who is the reason .. did the BJP stop with the letter sent and did the Forum for Good Governance stop with the complaint? The TRS and the BJP are verbally attacking each other. Who are the factors yet. If the bandh is bandh, to whom does the political mileage belong? Damage to whom? As for ..

The order that came last night was to stop the Dalit bandh. By this morning the reactions were ready. First of all, let’s look at the tweet made by Bandi Sanjay on Huzurabad and Dalitbandhu. Bandi Sanjay added fuel to the fire as the Dalit bond was stopped due to the failure of CM KCR. What is the reason for such a bond? What is the comment of the pink series? What did the BJP plan for the reverse attack? What is the role of BJP leader Premender Reddy in this? Forum for Good Governance Padmanabha Reddy What is Kirol? Who played the role of a vulture in playing the Dalit bandh in Huzurabad as a whole? That discussion began.

The Dalit Bandhu scheme introduced by TRS is very ambitious .. The reason for stopping in Huzurabad .. BJP is the main compliant of the ruling TRS party. Leaders in the party have launched an attack on the BJP in this direction. The TRS MLA described the revolution as a deliberate conspiracy by the BJP. Another TRS MLA Balka Suman says that Itala Rajender wants to answer this.

Minister Koppula Ishwar counter-attacked that the Dalit bond was stopped due to a letter written by BJP leader Premender Reddy. If you want to see the TRS answer .. If the TRS BJP is waging a war of words like this .. Forum for Good Governance Padmanabha Reddy .. It is true that they wrote a letter to the Chief Electoral Officer of India on this scheme. The scheme is good but the timing is not correct.

Not only in Huzurabad. According to CM KCR Antonna, we are introducing a Dalit bond scheme across the state. Not only that, it should not stop with Dalit Bandhu .. CM KCR says that we will create more programs for many lower castes .. Dalit Bandhu is not just a scheme brought for Huzurabad. Runs statewide. The scheme will be implemented in all other areas except Huzurabad during the elections. So Befikar is the argument that TRS is making. But to narrow down the ruling party in Huzurabad .. Kamala’s strategy is to win. Now who is the winner-loser in the Huzurabad election ring due to bondage? BJP leader Premender Reddy is facing serious charges for writing the letter .. What is the answer?

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