Huzurabad Elections: Huzurabad more heated .. BJP complains to Easy that they are spreading false propaganda .. | Huzurabad Bypoll BJP Leaders Complaints on TRS Party Leaders Over Dalith Bandhu Scheme Stop

Huzurabad Elections: Huzurabad more heated .. BJP complains to Easy that they are spreading false propaganda ..


Huzurabad Bypoll: With the Huzurabad by-election polling date approaching, politics in a few states is becoming more juicy. Following the recent order of the Election Commission to stop the ‘Dalit Bandhu’ scheme, the political heat has increased in Huzurabad. While the ruling party is working to cash in on the demise of the Dalit kinship, the BJP is working to get rid of the scandal. In this context, the party leaders are angry that the BJP is spreading false propaganda about the Dalit issue. The BJP leaders were outraged by the TRS ranks for provoking the people on the issue of ‘Dalit kinship’ and for spreading false propaganda in an attempt to sling mud at the BJP. The BJP delegation complained to the Central Election Observers to this effect. BJP candidate Itala Rajender was incensed that TRS leaders were trying to provoke the people by targeting them. Said trying to create riots. BJP representatives urged the EC team to take strict action against the TRS party in this regard.

The BJP delegation also complained to the Central Election Observers that the Jammikunta and Kamalapur circle inspectors should be removed from office. BJP candidate Itala Rajender has accused the ruling TRS party of carrying out various activities in violation of election rules and targeting officials. If no steps are taken to make the election process run smoothly .. Top officials have complained that there is a lot of evidence that they are acting in favor of the government. Kamalapur and Jammikunta circle inspectors working under the direction of Minister Harish Rao have been asked to resign.

BJP leaders alleged that the government had frozen the funds of Dalit beneficiaries without providing proper funds to the beneficiaries even months after the announcement of the Dalit bond. The complaint alleges that the TRS was committing acts of provocation by making false propaganda to profit from the BJP-targeted elections in Huzurabad. He said the BJP was demanding from the outset that the Dalit bond scheme be made available to all, adding that the TRS was taking steps to provoke the people that such a move was against the BJP Dalit bond. He said that despite all this, the authorities were acting on a whim and working only against the BJP. The BJP delegation asked the Central Election Observers to take appropriate action against all those who were acting as agents and puppets of the government for not conducting their election functions smoothly.

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