Huzurabad Bypoll: This is evil .. You are the one who beat the Dalits .. You are the one who filed the cases .. TRS chief who fired on BJP leaders .. | TRS Leader MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy Serious on BJP Leaders Over Huzurabad By Elections Clashes

Huzurabad Bypoll: This is evil .. You are the one who beat the Dalits .. You are the one who files the cases .. TRS leader who fired on BJP leaders ..

Palla Rajeshwar Reddy

Huzurabad Bypoll: As the Huzurabad by-election polling date approaches, politics between the TRS and the BJP, two minor parties, is turning sour. Bullets of words are exploding between the leaders of the two parties. The latest clash in Illantakunta Mandal Sirisedu village has led to political tension. TRS state general secretary MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy was furious over the incident. The BJP leaders were on fire. Palla Rajeshwar Reddy fired at the BJP leaders for provoking and attacking them and then making reverse cases. Clashes broke out between BJP and TRS ranks in Sirisedu village of Illantakunta zone on Friday evening. Responding to this, Palla said that the BJP ranks had infiltrated the TRS party office and attacked their party workers. The TRS party strongly condemns the BJP ranks for abusing KCR. Palla alleged that the BJP candidate, who was walking in front of the TRS party election office, had chanted provocative slogans with his activists. Yet their party activists are restrained. However, Palla alleged that Union Minister Kishan Reddy and Itala Rajender had together provoked BJP workers and instigated attacks on TRS workers. The fires rebuked him for making reverse cases and acting as a ‘thief thief thief’.

Palla said BJP leaders went to the Dalit colony and asked the Dalits to participate in their rally, but when they refused, the BJP ranks attacked the Dalit MPTC Chinarayudu and Dalit activists. Palla made it clear that the TRS strongly condemned the BJP-led attacks on Dalits. Itala Rajender and BJP leaders have alleged that TRS whip Balka Suman was misrepresented and misrepresented in the case of BJP state president Bandi Sanjay’s friend Vishwanath’s accident and beheading of an auto driver in Kamalapur four days ago. Even in this incident, the BJP leaders could not swallow the fact that the people who were forcibly brought back without hearing their speech. He also criticized the BJP leaders for routinely attacking themselves and making their own cases. “We strongly condemn the BJP-led attack on Dalits and TRS activists,” Palla said. He said the people believed in the BJP’s conspiracies and the BJP would be defeated in Huzurabad. Palla Rajeshwar Reddy appealed to the TRS workers to remain vigilant for days next week to find their conspiracies and exercise restraint. A statement to this effect has been issued.

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