Huzurabad Bypoll: Heated politics in Huzurabad .. Who is rich among the candidates in the ring? Who is Poor ..? | Huzurabad By Election: 30 persons in contesting, Details of candidates assets in affidavit

Huzurabad Bypoll: Heated politics in Huzurabad .. Who is rich among the candidates in the ring?  Who is Poor ..?

Huzurabad By Election

Huzurabad Candidates Assets in Affidavit: The whole of Telangana politics revolves around Huzurabad. With the resignation of Itala Rajender, the inevitable Huzurabad constituency by-poll became juicy. There are 30 candidates in the fray. However, the main competition was between the 3 parties. And which of the three is rich? Who owns how many assets? What about debts? The affidavit submitted by them contains details.

Huzurabad by-election polling will be held in another 16 days. The major parties have taken this subversive battle of high voltage heat seriously. Why did this bipole come about? Why did Eitala resign? Putting these controversies aside for a while now it has become hottofic who will win there. Gellu Srinivas Yadav from the ruling TRS, Itala Rajender from the Bharatiya Janata Party and Balmuri Venkat from the Congress are contesting. Let us take a brief look at the details submitted in these three affidavits.

Gell Srinivas Yadav, who landed in the ring from the ruling TRS, has a total assets worth Rs. 22 lakh 82 thousand. The assets are said to be Rs 2 lakh 82 thousand 402. His annual earnings are Rs. 4 lakh 98 thousand. Gell Srinivas revealed that there was no agricultural land in his name but only 12 holes of agricultural land in his wife’s name. He now owns 1,210 yards of land and owns a house worth Rs 20 lakh. The affidavit revealed that there were no debts. Details of cases registered against him are also included. Details of family members’ assets are mentioned.

Meanwhile, BJP candidate and former minister Itala has total assets worth Rs 16 crore 12 lakh. His annual income for the last financial year was Rs 30 lakh 16 thousand 592. At the same time his wife Jamuna earned Rs. Coty crossed. Yitala revealed that he was not doing any business. All his businesses are named after his wife Jamuna. Yates does not have its own vehicle in its name. But there are 3 SUV vehicles in his wife’s name. Kajinnara is Gold. Its value is Rs. Over 50 lakhs. The total assets of Eeta Jamuna are Rs. 43 crores. Of this, deposits were Rs 28 crore and Rs 68 lakh. Real estate Rs 14 crore 78 lakhs. Meanwhile, there are lands worth crores of rupees in the name of the spouses. If you look at the details of the debt, there is a debt of Rs 3 crore 62 lakh 42 thousand in the name of Eeta and Rs 4 crore 89 lakh 77 thousand in the name of Jamuna.

Congress candidate Balmuri Venkat has total assets of Rs. 59 lakh 51 thousand. There is a safari car. The 8 cases registered while raising various concerns are under investigation at various stages. Rs. 15 lakhs worth of real estate .. Rs. Crore 45 lakh 2 hundred debt. Also, Venkat revealed the details of the assets in the name of mother Balmuri Padma.

According to the details submitted in the affidavit, out of the three main candidates, BJP candidate Itala Rajender has the highest value of assets. Balmuri Venkat was in second place while TRS candidate Gell Srinivas Yadav was in third place.

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