Huzurabad Bypoll: Dalit bandh suspension .. TRS leaders incensed against BJP .. | Huzurabad Bypoll TRS Leader Serious on BJP Leader Over Dalit Bandhu Scheme Stoped

Huzurabad Bypoll: Suspension of Dalit kinship .. TRS leaders incensed against BJP ..

Koppula Eswar

Huzurabad Bypoll: TRS leaders are appalled at the Central Election Commission’s order to stop the Dalit bond scheme. BJP leaders are blaming the Dalit bandh for the breakdown. He said there was no such decision in the history of the country. Minister Koppula Ishwar and government whip Balka Suman spoke to the media on the same subject. Minister Koppula Ishwar said that the sudden decision of the Central Election Commission on the Dalit Bandhu scheme was very sad. Such a decision is going to be very painful in the history of the country. He said that stopping the Dalit bondage scheme was a political decision. He said there was a conspiracy to stop the Dalit Bandhu scheme. After the scheme was approved by the Legislative Cabinet and money was deposited in the accounts of Dalits, it was suspected that there was definitely a political angle to it. BJP leaders Itala Rajender, Gone Prakash Rao and Padmanabha Reddy alleged that they had written letters and stopped the ‘Dalita Bandhu’ scheme. Minister Koppula Ishwar called on all Dalits to come together as a betrayal of the Dalit community. Premender Reddy of the BJP said that the ‘Dalit bond’ was stopped on the basis of the letter. The BJP complained and then said that it was ridiculous not to resign as CM KCR. Minister Koppula Ishwar called on the BJP, the party that betrayed the Dalit community, to unite all the Dalits.

BJP against Dalits ..
Government whip Balka Suman said the BJP was against the Dalit community. BJP leaders wrote a letter to the Election Commission saying that the Central Election Commission had stopped it immediately. Suman recalled that the state government had approved the Dalit bandh when Itala Rajender was the minister. He alleged that all the Dalits were on the side of the TRS and complained to Akkasu about the Dalit bond. He commented that the BJP would remain a mole in the Telangana Dalit community. Balka Suman warned that the Dalit community will not forgive you and that we will see how the BJP comes to the Dalit vadals from tomorrow. KCR is not there to stop the Dalit bandh .. They demanded that the BJP should take moral responsibility. BJP will see how the Dalit votes in Telangana. BJP president Bandi Sanjay, who is illiterate, has been criticized for speaking without understanding how laws are made. For the betrayal done by the BJP to the Dalits .. In the form of votes, Dalits call that party Buddhi. On the one hand, Rajender Itala, who had encroached on Dalit lands, alleged that he had now stopped a Dalit relative. Balka Suman called on all Dalits to unite and depose BJP leaders from tomorrow. The BJP leaders commented that they will only stop for twelve days and you cannot stop beyond that. It was clarified that after 12 days the money would come in the accounts of all the Dalit families.

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