Huzurabad Bypoll: Attempt to attack Union Minister under CM’s direction .. Bandi Sanjay incensed over TRS .. | Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay Fires on TRS Leaders Over Clashes in Huzurabad Constituency

Huzurabad Bypoll: Attempt to attack Union Minister under CM's direction .. Bandi Sanjay incensed over TRS ..

Bandi Sanjay

Huzurabad ByElections: BJP state president Bandi Sanjay opened fire on TRS leaders. Union Minister Kishan Reddy, who is campaigning in Huzurabad constituency, said that the TRS leaders had attacked and tried to obstruct him and strongly condemned it. Bandi Sanjay alleged that the attack took place under the direction of Chief Minister KCR. He commented that KCR realized that it could not change the minds of the people of Huzurabad at the cost of hundreds and thousands of crores and that it finally understood that buying public representatives would not work. For this reason .. Sanjay alleged that KCR was conspiring to terrorize the people, create a security problem and postpone the elections. He said the ruling party was trying to intimidate people into not going to the polls. GHMC also commented that the TRS had tried and failed to provoke during the election.

Bandi Sanjay recalled that the BJP had made false propaganda and failed to carry out attacks and conspiracies to create religious unrest. Huzurabad said the same conspiracy was going to be implemented again in the elections. The central minister moved to the police, looking at the police and the audience of playing the audience. He alleged that KCR was instigating physical attacks with the party leaders as they were failing in their attempt to distribute Rs 20,000 per vote. The BJP has made it clear that it prefers elections to be held in a democratically peaceful environment.

Sanjay said the BJP was a national party and a party that had made sacrifices. For the poor, the BJP has a history of resisting attacks to save the people. KCR .. said that they are conspiring to carry out attacks with separate batches. Dubaka said the TRS ranks should not forget the incidents that the BJP repulsed if it did something like this in the GHMC elections. Bandi Sanjay alleged that KCR was instigating such attacks on the pretext that there was no possibility of a deposit for the TRS party in Huzurabad. The incident was reported to the National Election Commission.

Bandi Sanjay commented that the TRS regime was still in place for two years and did not even know when this government would collapse. In view of this, Sanjay Hitwa told the officers and the police to refrain from horning in the ruling party. The police system, which once sacrificed its life for the people, is today behaving like a horn to the ruling party. Who causes immediate attacks? Who carried out the attacks? Demanded a comprehensive investigation into the matter. Allegedly creating a scary atmosphere in the election. Sanjay demanded the immediate transfer of the police officers.

If the Union Cabinet Minister comes .. he said it is cruel not to provide minimum security. Mentioned that this is not a good practice. Elections are coming .. they are going to be lost .. Bandi Sanjay Telchi said that physical attacks will not be tolerated unless they are dealt with democratically. Sanjay announced that they were calling for BJP-led protests across the state tomorrow to protest the attacks. They demanded an increase in security forces and a change in police officers if elections were to be held democratically.

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