Huzurabad Bypoll: Amit Shah to Huzurabad ..? BJP campaign in defiance of KCR House .. Heating politics ..! | Huzurabad Bypoll: Amit Shah to campaign for Huzurabad bypoll

Huzurabad Bypoll: Amit Shah to Huzurabad ..?  BJP campaign in defiance of KCR House .. Heating politics ..!

Huzurabad Bypoll

Huzurabad Bypoll: Politics is heating up during the Huzurabad by-election in Telangana. The BJP has decided to launch a by-election campaign against the ruling party TRS. Nuvva .. The campaign is going on as I said. The Kashaya Dal hopes to end the campaign with Union Home Minister Amit Shah. However, it is known that the Election Commission has imposed restrictions on holding public meetings and rallies of more than a thousand people. Although Amit Shah had earlier dissolved the House, it is learned that the top leaders of Kamal have decided to hold a massive assembly in view of the latest developments.

By-election turned ambitious ..

However, the BJP took the victory of Itala Rajender in this by-election with pride. The BJP hopes not to give up even the slightest chance of their candidate winning. The state leadership is taking steps in that direction as the BJP leadership has issued instructions to fly the BJP flag in Huzurabad without fail. Moving forward with strategies, counter-strategies. Efforts are afoot to make the signal that the BJP is the only alternative to the TRS strong among the people.

Don’t bother with Amit Shah Sabha ..

Many parties are aiming to win .. The by-election campaign is heating up further. It is credible information that the Lotus leaders also came up with the idea of ​​setting up an Amrita Sabha and putting a check on the campaign. The BJP is formulating strategies to accommodate the possibility of KCR holding a public meeting. Party leaders say they are ready to hold a large-scale Amit Shah assembly for this. It is learned that party national president JP Nadda is planning to participate along with Amit Shah. Also, it seems that Union Minister Kishan Reddy is making arrangements to participate extensively in the campaign.

It is learned that BJP state president Bandi Sanjay will start his by-election campaign on May 16 or 17. It seems that arrangements are being made to participate in a loud campaign in five zones of the constituency. In any case, it remains to be seen who will win the Huzurabad by-election.

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