Huzurabad by-poll: One calculation till now .. No more another calculation .. Gear changed TRS | TRS Changes Strategy On Huzurabad By Election CM KCR KTR Gellu Srinivas Yadav

Huzurabad by-poll: One calculation till now .. now another calculation .. Gear changed TRS

Trs Huzurabad By Poll

A calculation so far. No more another calculation. ! These two weeks are total. Bored with the House. This is the rosary planning on the Huzurabad subterfuge. It has already handed over campaign responsibilities to ministers and MLAs. Now putting others on the scene. CM KCR will hand over the campaigning responsibilities to others at the TRS Legislative Assembly, Legislative Council and Parliamentary Representatives meeting on Sunday. The zone has three to six MLAs and MLCs. Touring the countryside. Minister Harish Rao stayed entirely in Huzurabad. All rights reserved. Anyway why is there a tight‌fight going on. The Tongue of War is raging as the BJP is also taking the election seriously, having a strong grip on the world, having personal contacts with the people as a six – time winning leader. Although TRS is somewhat weak in the mind, CM KCR himself focused on .. implementing the dalit bond system there .. The party graph also grew well with the organization.

Along with the MLAs in charge, ministers and MPs will also visit Huzurabad during the two weeks. The party plans to have two to three meetings in each zone. Touching every with caste groups and women’s groups..Plans are ready for ministerial road shows. Information that CM KCR Sabha will also be the final touch. However, if permission is not granted due to the election code, the House is expected to shift to Husnabad. From Monday onwards, Huzurabad will go to another range.

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