Huzurabad By Election: Symbolic tension in Huzurabad by-election .. Pink series moving forward with latest strategy .. | TRS is educating voters with dummy EVMs on car like election symbols

Huzurabad By Election: Symbolic tension in Huzurabad by-election .. Pink ranks moving forward with latest strategy ..


Can’t figure out if there are human-like human beings. In the same election- it is not at all difficult to identify if there are any similar symbols. Such is the problem now .. Symbolic tension is gripping the Huzurabad by-election. The election does not preclude the ruling party from having any identical marks. The marks of independent candidates have a profound effect on victories. It looks to have a profound impact from the MLA election to the MP election. Now even in the by-elections, the road roller, chapati maker and helicopter symbols are bothering the ruling party. The rose leaders are worried about the extent to which these symbols will cause damage in this bi-poll fight that is going on like you and me. Pink series educating voters with dummy EVMs.

Difficulties faced by TRS with car mark- No major party encountered. This is because the symbols assigned by the Election Commission to smaller parties and independent candidates have been controversial. Other signs of car speed put the brakes on. As a result, while the struggle in the elections was one height, the struggle with the symbols became another height.

From Nagar Kurnool in 2014 to the latest Huzurabad by-election, it has been struggling with these signs. The Pink Troop is concerned that similar markers have reduced the majority of Pink winners, even where they have won in the past. Election symbols such as auto, truck, road roller, roti maker, etc. were used for carjacking.

The party leaders say the Independents are getting the votes they deserve for the TRS because of such signs. The truck came to the notice of the Samajwadi Forward Bloc Party in the Telangana Assembly elections of December 2018. The party contested 30 seats.

The party leaders say that Buranarsaya Gowda also lost the Bhubaneswar parliamentary elections. However they are moving forward with a new solution to the problem encountered in the past. Camps are being conducted with dummy EVMs to create awareness among the general electorate. The campaign is underway. Explaining the difference between their mark and other markers.

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