Huzurabad By Election: Nominations are over in Huzurabad .. who are standing in the ring ..! | Huzurabad by election nominations withdraw time completed

Huzurabad By Election: The nomination process that ended in Huzurabad .. who are standing in the ring ..!

Huzurabad By Election

Huzurabad By Election: The election campaign is heating up in Huzurabad. Leaders of major parties are already busy campaigning in Huzurabad. The latest nomination withdrawal deadline also ended today. This shows how many candidates will be in the by-election ring.

A total of 30 candidates are in the fray for the Huzarabad by-election. A total of 30 candidates are in the fray, including Gell Srinivas Yadav from the ruling TRS, Itala Rajender from the BJP and Balmuri Venkat Narsimha Rao from the Congress. With 12 candidates withdrawing their nominations today, only 30 remain. Although the major parties demanded that more people withdraw their nominations, they opted to remain in the race. That leaves 30 people. Huzurabad: Officials will allot symbols to 30 people in the by-election ring today.

If so, a total of 61 nominations have been filed in the Hazurabad constituency by-poll. However, as many Independents filed nominations without proper documents, the Returning Officer rejected their nominations. Withdrawal of nominations ends on Wednesday, October 13, 2021. With this, it became clear how many people were in the ring. 12 people dropped out of the competition. With this there were 30 people in the ring. BJP candidate Rajender Satyamani has withdrawn his Jamuna nomination.

Also, Congress rebel candidate Ontela Lingareddy, Independent candidates Suman Nayak, Vinod Kumar, Raj Kumar, Nurjahan Begum and Mallikarjun withdrew their nominations. It seems that several Independents are waiting in the returning office. This may further reduce the number of people in the ring. Later..Huzurabad Ardeo is likely to be officially announced. There will be 3 EVMs based on the candidates. There are 15 candidates in the EVM, with a chance of 16 including Nota. Symbols will be assigned in alphabetical order with the names of the candidates of the Independents.

The main opposition parties are trying to slow down the victory in the Huzurabad by-election. TRS, BJP, Congress are making efforts to reach the victory line. Candidates are singing to impress voters. The main competition is between TRS and BJP. The Congress is also trying to give a tough competition. The parties are campaigning in their own style for victory.

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