Huzurabad By-Election: Mattikotti in the eyes .. Our survivors have been shattered .. TRS govt fires on the government .. | Etala Rajendar criticizing TRS government at Kamalapur Mandal in the Marripalli campaign

Huzurabad By-Election: Mattikotti in the eyes .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...

Etela Rajender

BJP leader and former minister Itala Rajender was angry that TRS leaders were commenting that someone was stopping a Dalit relative. Today, a campaign was organized in Kamalapur Mandal, Marripalli. On this occasion he said .. the truth will seem to be lost temporarily .. the truth will surely come out like fire. During the movement, KCR said that 85 per cent Dalits and BCs were in Telangana. He said that the Dalit would be the first CM. In the past, Dalits were insulted and KCR was removed like a fly in a haystack. TRS has always been cheating Dalits, he said. The TRS government has been criticized for cheating dalits by not giving them subsidized loans and not giving them double bedrooms. No one is saying that they are cheating with the Dalit brother. Itala clarified that even if the Dalits are demanded to give Dalitbandhu without fail .. they are also demanding.

Three types of land evaded. Double bedroom houses not provided. Despite the scheme called Dalit Pride .. he is messing around without giving them the loan subsidy due to them. Now he is dedicating his life to Dalits till the last drop of blood. Some intellectuals say aho, oho without realizing the CM fraud. No one is bowing to the Dalit. But we want to give absolute power over tens of millions. KCR smashed into our eyes and shattered our lives.

Huzurabad Debbake Finchans, ration cards, houses are coming to those who have a living jivo said. If there is an election, guarantees and checks will be given. This is the truth of TRS, he said. He said that so many promises and so many funds were given to this constituency to break the deadlock and that there was no love for the people. I and my son’s kingdom will always have a quest for KCR to rule. He told the people’s representatives here that the bills and money were coming from Eeta. Itala Rajender commented that after 30 all of them will be marketed for life .. who cares.

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