Huzurabad By-Election: If you ask and walk on foot .. they are coming to me in the middle .. fire in the campaign house .. | Etela rajender criticizing the behavior of TRS leaders at campaign rally in Veenavanka Mandal Kistampet

Huzurabad By-Election: If you ask and walk on foot .. I am said to be in the middle .. Fire in the campaign house ..

Etela Rajendar

The election heat in Huzurabad has increased. Itala Rajender fired bullets at Itala Rajender’s election campaign meeting in Veenavanka Mandal Kishtampeta. Several BJP leaders, including former MP Jitender Reddy, took part in the campaign. If you ask me for 18 and a half years and walk .. I am said to be coming in the middle .. Did I come in the middle like Sabita Indrareddy and Errabelli? He asked. I handled any responsibility given to me efficiently. Once sadditintene talcukuntaru such .. I ate rice with KCR thousands of times .. talked .. believed in us during the movement .. now left. Will you forget the good I did for you and try to beat me for temporary gain? He asked in his own way.

You can cheat in places like Huzuranagar and Nagarjuna Sagar .. but in Huzurabad you are challenged that it is not possible. These people who fall in love .. will be beaten and beaten if necessary. No matter how many attempts are made .. their graph is not growing .. sarcastically met with TRS saying that they can give 20 thousand to vote like Brahmastra.

Earlier .. BJP Telangana president Bandi Sanjay started the by-election campaign in Huzurabad. Jammikunta Mandal campaigned in Ankushpur village. He asked the voters to take 20 fingers and vote for BJP. It has been criticized that there is a rift between the pedophiles in the name of Dalit kinship. KCR said that the Dalit relatives were not from BCs. He alleged that his party had never opposed a Dalit relative. He also alleged that his signature was forged during the Hyderabad elections. Then let’s find out the truth. Bhagyalakshmi said that Ramanna did not come to the temple. We told him to give Dalit bond .. He was incensed that the money deposited in the bank account was not taken.

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