Huzurabad And Badvel By Election: Today’s campaign is on the screen .. Huzurabad, Badwell in Horahori .. | Huzurabad And Badvel By Election campaign ends today

Huzurabad And Badvel By Election: Screening for campaign today ..

By Election

Huzurabad And Badvel By Election campaign: By-election heat reaches climax in Telugu states. The by-election campaign in Huzurabad and Badwell constituencies in AP, Telangana will end today. The election campaign is due to end 48 hours before the polls on the 30th of this month. However, the Election Commission has given permission to campaign in Huzurabad till 7 pm on Wednesday. In Badwell, the campaign will end at 4 pm. Already the leaders of the major parties in the respective areas are heating up politics with bullets of words. This evening the campaign season is over .. the season of temptations is about to begin.

TRS, BJP horror ..
Eitala has been campaigning for BJP and TRS since he resigned from the legislature and before the notification of by-elections. Chief Minister KCR took this by-election seriously and fielded Minister Harish Rao for the victory of the Rose Party. Harish Rao is campaigning in villages along with candidate Gell Srinivas. Ministers, MLAs and party leaders are campaigning extensively in the constituency. The BJP also took the election seriously. All the top leaders of the party are campaigning in the constituency for the victory of the party. Leaders like Itala, Bandi Sanjay, Dharmapuri Arvind, Vijayashanti etc. are campaigning. Congress leaders are also actively campaigning for the victory of Balmuri Venkat, who is contesting from the Congress. All parties’ campaign for the by-elections on May 30 has reached its final stage. On the last day, ministers Harish Rao, Ganguly, Koppula Ishwar and other MLAs will campaign on behalf of the TRS. Union ministers Kishan Reddy, Tarun Chugh, BJP state president Bandi Sanjay and others will campaign on behalf of the BJP. Sridhar Babu, Ponnam Prabhakar and Jeevan Reddy will campaign on behalf of the Congress.

YCP, BJP in Badwell ..
Badwell’s by-election campaign will also end today. During the campaign, top leaders of the ruling YCC, BJP and Congress took part in the election campaign and heated up with bullets of words. Leaders of ministers and MLAs from the ruling party YCP campaigned vigorously. On behalf of the BJP, party president Somu Veerraju, former Union minister Purandeswari and other leaders campaigned. However, TDP and Janasena are not contesting in this election.

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