Honey Bee: Sadly .. Did you know that village bees work harder than they do in cities? | Honey Bee interesting facts Village honey bees can roam 50 percent extra than city honey bees for food

Honey Bee: Sadly .. Did you know that village bees work harder than they do in cities?

Honey Bee For Food

Honey Bee: The bees talk to each other through a special kind of waggle dance. Most people know this stuff. But, scientists are saying something new about them. Scientists say that the bees found in the village care more than the urban bees. They travel 50 percent more for their food.

How the research was done ..

Researchers at the Royal Holloway University in Virginia analyzed 20 bees in London. In this analysis, the appearance of the vegal dance 2800 times was carefully observed. Research has shown that bees that live in urban areas cover an average distance of 492 meters for food. At the same time, in rural areas, bees go up to 743 meters to find food.

The special thing is that there is no big difference in the amount of sugar collected by the bees living in both the city and the village. Gardens in cities help bees collect more sugar.

That’s why village bees work harder, says researcher Eli Leadbeater. “Research has shown that urban gardens are hotspots for bees because they have a wide variety of flowers.” In the agricultural areas of the villages, special efforts should be made for the bees to find their food. So they have to cover a lot of distances too.
The bee goes out every day in search of food. When it takes the honey with it and returns to the hive, the bee informs the other bees about the location of the food. To give this information, it makes Wagle dance. Bee waggle dance Other bees watch carefully. This allows them to understand which direction the food is going and how far away it is.

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