Google Meet: The newest feature in Google Meet .. that will no longer be a problem | Google Meet finally gets the ability to allow hosts to mute others: how it works

Google Meet: The newest feature to be found in Google Meet .. No more that hassle

Google Meet: A popular video conferencing platform has added a new feature to Google Meet. Google Meet is currently the most widely used online meeting for online classes. As the number of users grows day by day, Google Meat is adding new features. However, the host does not have the option to turn off the mics of the meeting participants once any meeting has started. When some people have finished talking .. even if they do not turn off the mic .. the meeting will be disturbed. But there will be no such trouble from now on. The host has the option to mute all the participants in the meeting at once. The host can turn off the mute option when they want to talk.

This feature will be included in the Google Workspace Education Fundamentals and Education Plus Domains. This feature will be available soon in Google Workspace Editions. The Mute All feature is only available to the meeting host. Once the participants in the group meeting are muted .. they can not be muted again. Participants can be unmuted if they wish. The Mute All feature is only available to the host who has access to Google Meet from the desktop browser. Google has revealed in a blog post that it will soon make this feature available on all platforms. However, if the user wants to mute, the user has to click on the image and click on the mute option. Google claims that this feature is enabled for hosts by default. Google recently introduced a feature at Google Meet that converts live speech into translated captions. It was followed by the latest Mute All Option.

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