Good demand for spices around the world .. Minister Niranjan Reddy’s suggestion to farmers | Good demand for aromatic products worldwide, Telangana Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy’s suggestion to farmers

Good demand for aromatic products worldwide .. Minister Niranjan Reddy's suggestion to the farmers


Singireddy Niranjan Reddy: State Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy has said that there is a good demand for spices around the world. Therefore, Telangana farmers are urged to cultivate lemongrass with a focus on spices. He said that once the lemon grass is cultivated, the crop will continue to grow for up to 5 years. The Minister today laid the foundation stone for the construction of 33/11 KV substation at Ammapalli village. Similarly, he inaugurated the newly constructed Primary Health Center in Veltur village along with the newly constructed Gram Panchayat office in the same village along with Nagar Kurnool MP Rams, Collector Sheikh Yasmin Basha and Jadpi Chairman Loknath Reddy.

The minister said that the lower the investment in the lime crop, the higher the return. So farmers are focusing on lemon cultivation. With a population of around 770 crore worldwide, there will be a good demand for spices in the coming days. Drip will be given to farmers who cultivate crops. Every farmer should focus on vegetable crops to some extent on their own farm.

Young farmers especially want to get good yields by focusing on such commercial crops. He said it is a great job to do things that are useful to the country and the state. He called on everyone to come forward for the cultivation of lime. The government has provided all facilities to the gram panchayats. He said a primary health center had been sanctioned and built for the village of Veltur on the national highway, where doctors would be available and provide medical services to the people.

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