Gold from Waste: This is a new thing .. Gold from garbage .. It is possible .. How .. | Gold Silver and other precious metals can derive from Smartphones and Laptops recycling Know about this

Gold from Waste: This is a new thing .. Gold from Waste .. It is possible .. How is that ..

Gold From Waste

Gold from Waste: Metals such as gold and silver can only be obtained from the earth’s crust. Yet in recent times someone has said that scientists can extract gold from water. But it is still in the experimental phase. Meanwhile, some scientists say that fresh gold can also be made from garbage. It also explains how to take it. Let’s find out now!

Gold, silver, and many other precious metals can be separated from e-waste by recycling junk smartphones and laptops. Royal Mint, a British government coin maker, has launched an initiative to reduce e-waste. Royal Mint recycles smartphones and laptops in collaboration with Canadian company Axier. The research initiated for this was successful.

Royal Mint researchers say that with the help of new technology, metal can be removed from the circuit board of junk gadgets in a matter of seconds. Using special technology, up to 99% of metals can be separated from e-waste.

7% of e-waste is gold.

E-waste generates 50 million tons of e-waste worldwide each year. Of this, only 20 percent is being recycled. If e-waste continues to grow, this number will reach 70 million tons by 2030. Experts estimate that up to 7 percent of the world’s gold may be in e-waste. Scientists believe that a lot of gold is being wasted by this waste.

The Gold Separation Trial was 99.9% successful

So far e-waste has been melted down at high temperatures for recycling. It also melts metals such as gold. Royal Mint researchers, however, used technology to remove it at room temperature. The Royal Mint conducted trials in South Wales. During the trial, the precious metals were separated at room temperature by technology. During this time the gold separated from the e-waste was 99.9 percent pure. Apart from this, silver, palladium and copper can also be separated in a similar manner, the researchers said.

New way to recycle

Anne Jessop, chief executive of the eco-friendly Royal Mint, said it was a great success. In the future, the UK will prove to be a hub for precious metals. It works to improve our economy. He said.

Royal Mint Chief Growth Officer Sean Millard said it was a revolutionary step. He said the technology was used for the first time in the UK. Millard noted that our way of recycling e-waste is environmentally friendly. This will not have any adverse effect on the environment. He clarified.

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