Gmail Hacking: Are you getting emails saying gift cards? Clicked, that’s all your work .. | Another new type of cyber attack is going on in the name of gift cards. Clicking on suspicious emails could expose your accounts to hacking.

Gmail Hacking: Are you getting emails saying gift cards?  Click and your work is done ..

Gmail Hacking: Hackers are provoking the internet to the same extent as it is growing. Phones and laptops are being hacked and personal information is being leaked at every small opportunity. Hackers who hitherto targeted users in the form of apps and messages have now chosen another new trend. Gmail and Outlook users are being targeted. Cyber ‚Äč‚Äčexperts say that many users have already fallen victim to hackers with this recently released mail scam. This is how this new type of hacking happens ..

First you will receive an e-mail in the name of gift cards to this e-mail ID. An e-mail will be sent hoping that you got a cash back while shopping. However, e-mails are sent from big brands because large numbers of users do not respond when e-mails come from anonymous sources. When you click on the link to claim the prize, a link will show up saying, “Take a small survey.” The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. Immediately all the details in your phone or laptop fall into the hands of hackers.

This allows hackers to access your bank accounts. Meanwhile, cyber experts are making some suggestions to avoid getting infected by hackers. You are advised not to click on unknown links under any circumstances and not to give your personal details on unauthorized websites. Warns not to share bank card details and passwords.

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