Global Warming: Threats looming in the Himalayas .. Lakes overflowing with melting glaciers! | Global Warming Himalayas 77 glacier lakes of 1000 square meters are creating risk to Pir Panjal and many states including Himachal

Global Warming: Threats looming in the Himalayas .. Lakes overflowing with melting glaciers!

Melting Himalayas Glaciers

Global Warming: The Himalayan glaciers are melting due to global warming. Due to this the number of lakes is constantly increasing. NIT Hamirpur Prof. Chandra Prakash has been studying glaciers with his researchers for some years. He revealed many surprising things. In the last four decades, the number of lakes formed by the melting of glaciers in the Pir Panjal Mountains has doubled. In 1971, the High Himalayas, the Chandra, Bhaga, Beas and Parvati river basins in the Pir Panjal range covered a total of 77 glacial lakes covering an area of ​​1000 square meters. In 2011, their number increased to 155.

There has also been a 2 to 3 times increase in the size of existing lakes. The number of these lakes is constantly increasing in Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh in India. Due to the increase in the size and number of lakes, these areas are also prone to lakes eruption due to high rainfall, glacier breakage and landslides.

Dr. Chandra Prakash’s research focused on the High Himalayas and the 4 river valleys in the Pir Panjal mountain range. The study on glacial lakes was conducted with the help of Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Data, 1971 Corona Aerial Photograph in the United States. The study also focused on the Pir Panjal range, which separates the lunar and partial basins from the Beas and Parvati basins. However, the glacial lake has formed in the Himalayan range higher than the Pir Panjal range in the last 4 decades.

The lunar basin has tripled in the last 4 decades.

In the year 1971, there were 14 lakes in this basin. It has now risen to 48. The basin contains two of the largest glaciers in the high Himalayas. The size of the lake formed by the oceanic glacier is 1.35 square kilometers. Apart from this, the size of the Gepangghat Glacier Lake has also multiplied in the last 4 decades. Its size increased from 0.17 sq km in 1971 to 0.5 sq km in 2003 and 0.84 sq km in 2011. Due to the continuous increase in size .. The risk of flooding has increased due to the erosion of these lakes in the near future. Due to the natural drainage there, the accident was avoided to some extent. However, experts say the possibility of an accident cannot be ruled out.

Prior to 2016, 1348 glaciers erupted worldwide.

The melting of glaciers due to global warming is a major threat to humanity. Prior to 2016, 1348 glacial lakes around the world erupted. 13 thousand people died in these incidents. A total of 45 such incidents took place in the Himalayan region. This has caused significant damage in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. At the same time, rising Himalayan lakes are considered a major threat to the Himalayan mountain ranges.

In this study also NIT Hamirpur Prof. Chandra Prakash is busy with his researchers. There is an estimate that these lakes have grown more than expected in the last decade.

If global warming is not stopped, tragedies like Kedarnath and Molly are likely to increase

Glaciers are constantly melting .. The lakes formed from them may become a big threat to the countries connected with the Himalayan region in the coming days. Glaciers such as the sea and Gepangghat, and the lakes formed from them, could become a major challenge in the coming days.

Prof. Chandra Prakash on this subject said that apparently due to global warming, this challenge is visible. In the days to come, he and fellow researchers will also be working on a study for the coming decade. He also personally visited the High Himalayas and some glaciers in Pir Panjal. He says there is a need to be more vigilant in this direction.

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