Flipkart: If you order an iPhone worth Rs 53,000 on Flipkart .. two soaps instead of a phone .. video viral Flipkart ‘delivers’ soap bars instead of iPhone 12 at its Big Billion Day Sale

Flipkart: If you order an iPhone for Rs 53,000 on Flipkart, two soaps instead of a phone.

Flipkart: E-commerce giants Flipkart and Amazon are known to have conducted a huge sale. However, as part of Flipkart’s Big Billion Sale, customers placed large orders. Smartphones have also sold out. Flipkart has made many offers available in this Big Billion Sale. A customer ordered the Apple iPhone 12 at a huge discount on Flipkart. The customer was shocked when he ordered an iPhone worth around Rs 53,000 and found soap in it. But similar mistakes have been made recently. Cases have also been registered. The customer immediately complained to the Flipkart owner. Customer Simran Paul Singh alleged that he got two soaps when he ordered the iPhone. The video went viral after being uploaded on YouTube.

Responding Flipkartā€Œ ..

Flipkart responded to a customer complaint with the arrival of soaps instead of the iPhone. The company spoke to the delivery boy and later admitted the mistake. Refunded his money.

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