Fact Check: Did you get the mail as soon as you got a job in the railways? Beware .. it steals your information..how to .. | Mails with Indian Railways offer letters are Fake says PIB Fact Check Know all about this

Fact Check: Did you get the mail as soon as you got a job in the railways?  Beware .. this will steal your information .. how is that ..

Fact Check

Fact Check: In recent times many people have been getting an offer letter in these mails. The offer letter is from Indian Railways. An offer letter is circulating stating that it is from the Ministry of Railways. It appears that the clerk appointed the recipient of the mail for the post. If you receive such an offer letter, do not believe it at all. This offer letter is false as well as fake. PIB Fact Check provided this information.

What happens in a fake offer letter ..

The recipient of this mail will have an offer letter in the name of the Ministry of Railways appointing him to the post of Clerk. This letter usually comes via this mail. The mail notification will also be that of a railway job. With this, they mistakenly believe that it came from the Railways and open the mail. PIB advises not to do so. Because, the PBI checked to find out the content of this letter. However, the PIB says that the letter was found to be a forgery in this check.

Why is that letter fake?

The Ministry of Railways does not directly employ anyone. When any job in the Railways needs to be filled, the RRB (Railway Recruitment Board) under its purview will carry out the replacement process only through 21 boards. Giving advance notice for this will keep everything online from close by. Also, the railway department does not directly employ anyone. So it is clear that this is only to deceive you.

What happens if I open this mail ..

Such emails are usually meant to steal your personal information. This is just to deceive you. A link like this will be given in this mail. As soon as we open it all our personal information goes into the hands of fraudsters. So .. Trash such mails without opening them. Under no circumstances should you give your personal information to such e-mails. Because, no government agency will ask for personal information online for jobs.

PIB Fact Check, which is currently circulating, also shared a screenshot of this fake offer letter. In this letter, the date of commencement of employment is given as 15 November 2021. It is coming from Bangalore address. It states that the offer will be signed on the second hard copy and returned to the postman to accept the offer. Before joining, one is instructed to submit his / her medical file, exam file along with the draft.

What is a PIB Fact Check?

The PIB fact check confirms misinformation on government policies or schemes. If you suspect that any news related to the government is fake, you can inform the PIB actual check about it. For this you can send to mobile number 918799711259 or email id to socialmedia@pib.gov.in.

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