Facebook vs Apple: Facebook hit hard with Apple’s new feature .. 80 percent reduced traffic .. deepening controversy ..! | Facebook vs Apple: Facebook hit hard with Apple’s new feature Identifier for Advertiser and 80 percent less traffic to its product page

Facebook vs Apple: Facebook hit hard with Apple's new feature .. 80 percent reduced traffic .. deepening controversy ..!

Facebook New Feature

Facebook vs Apple: The feud between Facebook and Apple over the new iOS14 update of Apple’s new operating system has become a whirlwind. The Facebook company has accused Apple of severely influencing the announcements made by Apple’s new update on its platform. With the help of the Pixel tool on the Apple platform, it displays ads that are relevant to Facebook’s audience according to user browsing history and searched products. With the iOS14 update, Facebook was unable to do this. It lost a lot of revenue through advertising.

Apple co-founder Tim Cook has updated the Identifier for Advertiser (IDFA) feature on iOS14. This feature identifies advertisers. It is possible to block users permanently if they wish. Due to this, Facebook users on the iPhone are not able to serve the ad.

IDFA Advertising Agency provides tracking information.
Facebook states on its blog that only relevant applications will be allowed on the Apple App Store. IOS 14 however provides users with information about ad companies tracking. Apps that do not enforce these rules will not be available on the Apple Play Store. In addition, Apple Policy prohibits the taking of specific data.

It looks like Facebook will soon make changes to the pixel. It is reported that a number of changes will be made in view of the privacy of the users.

Problems faced by users by clicking at once, some users like the changes made in iOS 14.5. However, advertisers who rely on Facebook to continue their business, especially during the festive season, are frustrated with this feature. Consumers who buy a product by clicking on an ad are now having problems with this.

Facebook product page traffic down 80 percent.
Aaron Paul, a marketer on Facebook performance, told CNBC: The company’s budget is constantly changing. Paul’s carousel company spends millions of dollars a day on Facebook. But, now it has diminished. Prior to the change in iOS, 80% of traffic on Facebook did not return to its product page. At present it is only 20 per cent. Even during the festive season, Facebook’s advertising business continues to decline.

Impact on Facebook share price ..
This also had an impact on Facebook’s share price. Paul said the update would seriously affect platforms such as SnapChat and TickTalk, as well as emails, including Facebook. When iOS14 launched on April 26, Facebook’s share price was $ 303. When the iPhone launched on September 14th it was at $ 376. Currently trading at $ 324. We have to see what kind of impact it will have in the future.

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