Face Recognition: If you want to travel on metro trains there, you don’t have to work with money .. You can travel if you show your face ..! | Moscow adds facial recognition payment system to more than 240 metro stations

Face Recognition: If you want to travel on metro trains there, you don't have to work with money .. You can travel if you show your face ..!

Face Recognition: Technology is developing more and more now. Technology is breaking new ground with the changing times. As the days go by, scientists are working hard to provide the latest technology to provide better technology to human beings. The human way of life is becoming easier due to this technology. Humans are embracing technology nowadays. Recently, metro officials in the capital city of a country have added face recognition technology. However, you do not have to have money on hand to board the Metro. Now that the technology is available, people are flocking to the tribe.

Usually you have to pay money and travel with a ticket to travel on the metro trains in our country. Or take a recharge card or take a ticket through other wallets. But to travel on the metro trains of the Russian capital Moscow has nothing to do with tickets and recharge cards. You can travel by train if you show your face. Metro officials were the first to make this technology available to further facilitate public transport in the capital Moscow. The system was made available to pay money with facial ID at 240 stations. However, if the face is shown, there may be doubt as to how it will be allowed on the trains. For this, Metro passengers have to upload their photos in bank accounts. Bank accounts then need to be linked through the Moscow Metro app. Passengers connected in this way can face the cameras at the metro station and travel on the metro. Moscow Law Enforcement officials said the face-pay system was made available with the latest technology and captured photos of passengers would be in the possession of the state IT department.

No worries with photos ..

However, Moscow law enforcement officials say there is no need to worry about these photos. Passengers’ landing photos will be stored at the Moscow Unified Data Storage and Processing Center. He said passengers need not worry about the safety of this technology. He said the technology was made available to provide better services to passengers.

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