Etela Rajender: Yitala election campaign in Singapore. Huzurabad BJP Candidate Etela Rajender election campaign in Singapore and hot comments on TRS chief KCR

Etela Rajender: Yitala election campaign in Singapore.


Etela Rajender Singapore Campaign: Huzurabad by-election BJP candidate Itala Rajender campaigned in Singapore. On this occasion, he made harsh remarks on TRS chief KCR. “KCR pushed me back. KCR sent me out. KCR betrayed me. KCR hit the mud in my eyes. KCR used me in the movement for 18 years and sent me out after coming to Telangana. ” Eitala commented.

“KCR The Crocodile Tears. If the election is held in a democratic manner, Teresa will not even get a deposit. We do not fall for anyone, we do not fall for anyone. Come on in, take a look. Come to Siddipet after the election. Let’s decide what you are capable of and what I am capable of. Evil is not valid in Telangana. Today you can block me in Singapore but, if we get there we will not be able to land anywhere. I do not know. They are threatening not to come to my meeting. Your father is Jagira KCR. ” Itala used vulgar terminology.

“Jagir of the people of Telangana. You are not the owner but the guard. If there is love for dalits .. Collectors, bank manager should not be pettnam. The BJP has already filed a case that the Dalit bond should be given immediately. The thief is creating letters and spreading false propaganda. No one came to the Pochamma temple. Trying to prevent that there is no permission. The police said it was not correct. Complain to the Election Commission. I was pushed back three times by KCR. ” Said Eitala.

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