Etela Rajender: Come to the discussion near Ambedkar Chowrasta .. Eeta challenge to TRS leaders | Huzurabad BJP Candidate Etela Rajender serious challenge to TRS leaders on letter against Dalit Bandhu scheme implementation

Etela Rajender: Come to the discussion near Ambedkar Chowrasta .. Eeta challenge to TRS leaders


Huzurabad By Election – Etela Rajender: Huzurabad BJP candidate Itala Rajender has thrown a new serious challenge to the TRS leaders saying that if they prove that they have written a letter against a Dalit relative. He demanded the TRS leaders to prove that they had written the letter to stop the Dalit bandh. Another challenge was whether he was ready for a discussion near the Pochamma temple or near the Ambedkar statue. Eitala today gave a strong reaction to the criticisms made by the TRS leaders.

Ethela Rajender spoke to TV9 in Karimnagar today. “I did not write a letter to Easy to stop the Dalit bond. Come to Huzurabad Ambedkar Chowrasta .. Let’s discuss .. Will TRS leaders accept my challenge .. TRS leaders have created fake letters in the past. Still everyone should be given a Dalit bond. Defeat to TRS is imminent. ” The prophecy says. Meanwhile, Minister KTR said that no one can stop the Dalit bond in Telangana. He said the Huzurabad by-election would end in ten days, after which the scheme would continue.

Plenary was the first priority for TRS and Huzurabad Bipole was the second priority. KTR spoke to the media at Telangana Bhavan. Congress wants to get a deposit in Huzurabad. Rewanth Reddy has been criticized for saying that Chilaka is a prophecy. Congress and BJP leaders commented that the conspiracy. He said he planned to bring Ethela Rajender into the Congress a year later. He said the Congress had fielded a dummy candidate and questioned where the PCC role was in Huzurabad. KTR says who knows something with Huzurabad by-election. Dheema said the TRS had won 100 per cent in Huzurabad.

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