Electronic Nose: An electronic nose that can detect cancer .. Diagnosis can be made in minutes .. This is how it works .. | Scientists developed Electronic Nose that can detect Lungs Liver Cancers easily know about this

Electronic Nose: An electronic nose that can detect cancer .. It can diagnose the disease in minutes .. This is how it works ..

Electronic Nose

Electronic Nose: The benefits of having an easy diagnosis of any disease are many. The faster the diagnosis is made, the more likely it is to be effectively eradicated. Not only that .. Rapid diagnosis is also important to prevent rapidly spreading diseases like corona. That is why scientists around the world are working to develop new types of tests to diagnose diseases. As part of this, scientists have recently developed an electronic nose. They say that diseases like liver, lung and colon cancer can be detected through this electronic nose. To check for diseases, we need to place the e-nose on our nose like a mask. The disease can be detected within seconds of it being fitted.

It was developed by Ulstone Medical, a UK-based biotech company. Work is also underway to identify Kovid with the help of an electronic nose (e-nose). According to research, the patient usually has a lot of trouble giving blood, urine and stool samples. But, this new test will be much easier for patients as well as take less time to diagnose.

Here is how the electronic nose works.

This e-nose detects the disease by detecting the odor of the disease coming from the patient’s breath. When humans breathe, scientists say it contains more than 3,500 volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It contains very small gas particles as well as tiny droplets. The e-nose detects diseases by detecting chemicals present in volatile organic compounds.

It took 51 years to design the device.

The idea to develop it came to scientists in the 1970s. But, it took decades to turn this idea into a sensitive device. Scientists say it took a lot of hard work to design and sensor programming to detect volatile organic compounds. Its trial is ongoing in many countries around the world. The results are very promising, especially in the UK.

Experts say that in the next five years, e-nose tests will become more common. There is ongoing research on this. Scientists say the device can also tell a patient which drug is best for the disease.

This technique is for cancer screening.

Through this technique, respiratory clinical trials are taking place in many countries around the world. It also includes trials related to cancer. The goal of the trial is to detect cancer early. The trial is being conducted on 4000 patients in UK hospitals in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and the NHS Foundation. Researchers say the results of these trials are promising.

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