Electric Car: This is the fastest electric car in India ..! If you know the top speed, you will be shocked .. | India gets its fastest electric car ev ekonk top speed is 309 km per hour

Electric Car: This is the fastest electric car in India ..!  If you know the top speed, you will be shocked.

Fastest Car Of India

Electric Car: The electric vehicle market in India is expanding rapidly. Indian EV startup Vajirani has introduced the fastest single-seat hypercar in the country. The name of this car is Akonk. It is one of the fastest electric cars in the world. In terms of design and look, this car looks like a UFO racing car. It weighs 738 kg. Startup EV uses a new battery solution. Hyper‌ replaces traditional complex liquid cooling technology in cars.

Deco leaps on technology
This hyper car used a technology called Dico. It cools the batteries directly through the air. It does not require liquid cooling. This technology has made this electric car lighter, faster and safer.

Econk Engine & Power
The Accon Hypercar engine produces 722 hp. The electric hypercar was tested at the recently opened Knoxtrax High-Speed ​​Vehicle Testing Center near Indore. It gets a top speed of 309 kmph. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in 2.54 seconds.

The name Econk is unique
The company says the word aconc has a special meaning. This electric vehicle marks the beginning of a new era in the automobile industry. The whole world is going to change with the advent of electric vehicles, said Vajirani-Automotive founder CEO Chunky Vajirani.

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