Eco Bandage: Wound is no longer cold .. Antibacterial bandage from fruit waste .. | Bandage from fruit wastage will help environment as well as body

Eco Bandage: The wound is no longer cold .. Antibacterial bandage from fruit waste ..

Eco Bandage From Fruit Wastage

Eco Bandage: Antibacterial bandage from fruit waste prepared by scientists in Singapore. Scientists claim that it prevents the fruit from being wasted and helps the wound to heal quickly. Researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore say it is made from durian fruit remains. Researcher Prof. According to William Chen, the people of Singapore consume 125 million durians every year. The special thing is that people only eat pulp. This means that after eating the pulp part of the durian, the peel and seeds are discarded. It has a direct impact on the environment. By preparing a new bandage, the environment can also be protected. Similarly humans also get a new option to heal wounds.

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University isolated the durian skin from the fruit. By grinding it, cellulose powder is made. It was then converted into antibacterial strips by adding glycerol to the powder. It was then cut into thin strips and made into strips.

This strap is more comfortable than regular bandages.

Researchers say the bandage looks like a soft hydrogel. It is more comfortable than other wound healing bandages. In addition, it keeps the wound cool and moist, allowing the wound to heal quickly.

Cheaper than other straps.

Researchers say that making straps from fruit waste is cheaper than other straps. Therefore, they say it is a better, cheaper option for patients.

Tan Ingchuan, who sells durian fruit in Singapore, said it sells about 1,800 kilograms of fruit during its season. An average of 30 boxes are sold every day. Most of them said that they would be kicked out for various reasons. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus.

How is durian fruit?

Durian fruit, which looks like jackfruit, is known for its unique taste and nutritional value. This fruit is especially found in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. In South Asia it is known as the ‘Kings of Fruits’. It is rich in Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Iron and Calcium.

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