Do you know how to send your WhatsApp data offline from one phone to another? Follow these simple steps .. | By Following These simple steps you can transfer your whatsapp data from one mobile to another in offline mode

Do you know how to send your WhatsApp data offline from one phone to another?  Follow these simple steps.

Whatsapp Data

WhatsApp: Popular messaging app WhatsApp is known to bring new features from time to time. Google Drive also recently offers an end-to-end encryption option for data stored on iCloud. This means that even data stored in the cloud is no longer secure. Meanwhile so far we have been using Google Drive to send your data from one phone to another. But did you know that WhatsApp data can be transferred from one mobile to another not only online but also offline? The following steps should be followed to transfer data offline.

Step 1:

As part of the first step, open the WhatsApp app and click on the three dots above. Then go to Settings / Chat / Chat Backup and click on the ‘Backup’ option. Then a local backup is created. You need to uninstall WhatsApp from the old phone as soon as the local backup folder is created in the phone’s internal memory.

Step 2:

As part of the second step you need to download the RAR or any other file compression app on your mobile phone. This app is useful for compressing all our WhatsApp data.

Step 3:

If you open the RAR app .. the phone’s internal storage directory will appear. To do this, open the ‘com. Whatsapp’ folder on Android media. Then click on the Archive button. Immediately the whole folder is converted into a .rar file.

Step 4:

After converting the data into an .rar file .. you need to send this file from the old phone to your new phone.

Step 5:

Then you need to install WhatsApp on the new mobile phone. You need to skip the Google Drive backup as part of the installation. This will detect the data in the local backup in the WhatsApp app and import it into the new phone. This way all the WhatsApp data on your old phone will be transferred to the new phone.

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