Coal Shortage: Electricity crisis with coal shortage .. Really? Do you know how electricity is made with coal? | Coal Shortage tension know all about Coal connection with Electricity production

Coal Shortage: Electricity crisis with coal shortage .. Really?  Do you know how electricity is made with coal?

Power Generation With Coal

Coal Shortage: Amidst the global coal shortage, the coal crisis in India has begun to intensify. Many power plants in the country have only 3 to 5 days of coal storage left. Given the situation, there are fears that the crisis could escalate further. States like Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Maharashtra have complained to the central government about the reduction in power generation due to the coal crisis. However, the coal shortage was completely rejected by the central government. The center says there is definitely a shortage of coal, but it will be eliminated gradually. Fears that the power supply will be affected are completely false.

What is the situation with regard to coal reserves? How is electricity generated from coal? Why was India forced to import coal from other countries despite producing abundantly? What should the government say in the midst of coal shortage reports? After all, let us now find out why there is a worldwide shortage of coal.

The latest crisis regarding coal is ..

In fact, there are reports of coal shortages at coal-based power plants across the country. About 70 per cent of the electricity generated in the country comes from thermal power plants. Of the total power plants, 137 power plants run on coal. Of those, 72 power plants have 3 days of coal left as of 7 October 2021. Less than 4 days of coal remains in 50 plants.

How electricity is generated from coal ..

First of all, the small pieces of coal coming from the mine should be finely powdered. This coal is used to heat the water in the boiler. When water is heated, it turns into high pressure steam. This steam is used to rotate the turbine. These turbines are similar to water turbines. The only difference is the use of water vapor instead of water to rotate these turbines. These turbines are connected to the generator. A rotating turbine generates a magnetic field in the generator. It generates electricity.

Coal production is at the top..why is India importing?

India is the second largest producer of coal in the world. According to the Global Energy Statistical Yearbook 2021, China is at the forefront of coal production. China produces 3,743 metric tons of coal every year. At the same time, India ranks second by producing 779 metric tons of coal every year. However, India has to import 20 to 25 per cent of its coal requirement from other countries.

In fact, coal import is directly related to coal quality. The caloric value of coal produced in India is low. Calorific value is the energy produced by burning one kilogram of coal. The higher the caloric value, the better the quality of the coal. That is why quality coal is imported from abroad.

What is the cause of coal shortage?

After the terrible second wave of the corona .. the country is now back on track. Industrial activities began as before. Due to this the demand for electricity has increased. The price of coal in the international market is also due to its scarcity. As coal became more expensive, power plants stopped importing it and became completely dependent on Coal India. Coal India, which accounts for 80% of the country’s coal production, says it will have to rely on domestic coal production due to rising global coal prices. Demand .. This situation has arisen due to the gap between supply.

Coal shortage in India is also associated with monsoons. In fact, with the late return of the monsoons, the open mines are still filled with water. For this reason, coal is not produced from these mines. Most of the coal mines in our country are open cast.

What is the government saying about this crisis?

The Coal Ministry says there is enough coal storage to supply the plants. The plants currently have 7.2 million tonnes of coal, which is enough for 4 days. Stock holding is expected to increase gradually. Coal India has over 400 lakh tonnes of coal. It should be supplied to power plants.
On reports of power shortage in Delhi, Energy Minister RK Singh said there was no power crisis in Delhi. We have huge coal storage. The crisis was unnecessarily publicized.

On October 9, 1.92 million tonnes of coal was sent to the plants from all the coal mines and only 1.87 million tonnes was used, Minister RK Singh said. This means that more coal is being produced than is used.

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