CM KCR: Motkupalli has a lot of political experience .. CM KCR reveals key facts | Telangana CM KCR meeting at Pragati Bhavan .. Former minister Mothkupally Narsimhulu to join the TRS

CM KCR: Motkupalli has a lot of political experience .. CM KCR revealed key things

CM KCR: Former minister and senior politician Motkupalli Narsimha has joined the TRS party. On Monday at Telangana Bhavan, Chief Minister KCR Motkupalli was invited to the party wearing a party scarf. Speaking on the occasion, KCR said that Motkupalli Narsimha had a lot of political experience and the voice of the oppressed was heard. KCR‌ reminded me that he had worked with me for many years. “We had a lot of trouble for electricity,” he said. He said that Ravanna had made false propaganda about investments when he came to Telangana and that Mayawati should go home 19 times in Telangana Sadhana. KCR‌ said that there was a situation where we had to buy and drink fresh water and explained our problem to everyone and finally achieved the state of Telangana. Problems solved. He said that Telangana would come on that day .. He said that the state was achieved by gathering the support of 38 parties. He said that many steps have been taken to rehabilitate the victims of injustice and to take steps to stop handloom suicides.

Mothkupally Narsimhulu: Former minister Motkupally Narsimhulu joins TRS in presence of KCR

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