China Hypersonic Missile: China has tested a nuclear-related hypersonic missile! | China Tests Nuclear capable hypersonic missile it is Space capable missile

China Hypersonic Missile: China has tested a nuclear-related hypersonic missile!

China Hipersonic Missile

China Hypersonic Missile: China is showing more aggression regarding space. In this regard, the Dragon has once again demonstrated its intentions. China launched a hypersonic missile on Saturday, according to a report in the Financial Times. This missile is a nuclear-capable missile. The magazine cited a number of sources that contained information about the launch (China launch hypersonic missile).

Silently ..

China launched a nuclear-capable missile in Beijing in August. It was reported to be in low orbit before landing in its orbit. Three other sources said the missile flew 32 km from its target. The Financial Times reported that a hypersonic glide vehicle was launched from the Long March rocket. Information about the tests usually administered by China is made public. But the launch in August was kept a secret.

The speed of hypersonic missiles is five times faster than the speed of sound

The report said US intelligence agencies were surprised by China’s progress on hypersonic weapons. Apart from China, at least five other countries in the US and Russia are working on hypersonic technology. Hypersonic missiles can deliver nuclear weapons like conventional ballistic missiles. Their speed is five times faster than the speed of sound.

Reduce speed to prevent enemy radar

Ballistic missiles fly high in space in the arc to reach their targets. However flies in short trajectories in a hypersonic atmosphere. This is the reason to reach its goal very fast. One of the biggest features of the hypsonic missile is that there are many ways to prevent enemy radar. Can greatly reduce its speed. This makes it harder to keep track of. It starts to act like some subsonic cruise missile.

That is why China is preparing hypersonic technology

Countries such as the US have developed systems designed to protect against cruise and ballistic missiles. But the ability to track and fire hypersonic missiles remains a question. According to a recent report released by the US Congressional Research Service (CRS), China believes it is important to hedge against US advances in hypersonic and other technologies. This is the same reason why China is aggressively developing hypersonic technology.

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