Chandrababu: Hastinapur TDP chief Chandrababu’s team receives a series of complaints, appeals and petitions Chandrababu Naidu Meets President Ram Nath Kovind in delhi on CM YS Jagan government attacks on TDP leaders and Offices

Chandrababu: Hastinapur TDP chief Chandrababu's team received a series of complaints, appeals and petitions

Chandrababu meets President Ram Nath Konvind

President Ramnath Kovind – Chandrababu: TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has complained to President Ram Nath Kovind that government-inspired terrorism is on the rise in Andhra Pradesh. A seven-member TDP team led by Chandrababu has appealed to the President that the YCP government led by Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy is committing sponsored terrorism in the state. The Chandrababu team, which met President Ram Nath Kovind at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi today, complained about this.

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The Telugu Desam team has asked the President to recall the DGP along with the President’s rule in the AP. Later, Chandrababu Naidu revealed the details of the meeting to the media. Babu said the President had responded positively to their appeal. Chandrababu said that President Ram Nath Kovind was asked to impose Presidential rule in Andhra Pradesh. With the deteriorating security situation in the state, Chandrababu brought to the notice of the President that wherever cannabis is seized, it has become an AP address.

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TDP leaders told the president that agencies in the AP were growing marijuana on nearly 25,000 acres, raising prices by saying it was a liquor ban and doing their own business.

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CM Jagan said liquor special brands have been introduced in the state. The Telugu Desam party leaders told the President that the situation was such that the youth were weakened due to drugs. The team asked the President to take appropriate action on these matters.

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