Chandrababu-Delhi: The MP who played TDP badly by linking India-Pakistan cricket has won .. What are the comments so far .. | YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy Serious Comments on TDP Leader Chandrababu Through Social Media

Chandrababu-Delhi: The MP who played TDP badly by linking to India-Pakistan cricket has won .. What are the comments so far ..

Vijayasai Reddy

Andhra Pradesh: Andhra Pradesh politics does not leave India-Pakistan cricket. YCP MP Vijayasai Reddy fired at TDP in connection with the latest India-Pakistan cricket match. He tweeted to this extent .. Chandrababu was satirised in a range. Now let’s find out what he tweeted so far. “If the whole world is interested in the India-Pakistan match … our Leader of the Opposition, Puthraratnam, has a different idea,” Vijayasai tweeted. Not only that .. ” How to prevent welfare schemes in Andhra Pradesh? How to tarnish the Andhra Pradesh brand? How do you do that? They are constantly conspiring with the same idea. Who is responsible for whose deeds? ” Said MP Vijayasai Reddy in his own style criticizing Telugu Desam party leader Chandrababu.

” The impossibility of success pushes a depressed man into a state of mania. In psychology this is called Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Its characteristic is to leave the prajna field and launch person-centric attacks. At first the thief is seen to be threatening with blows. Conspiracy to physically annihilate as final. Schools enforce strict ban on tobacco sales in surrounding areas. Therefore .. Andhra Pradesh has been ranked in the list of 5 states with the lowest number of smokers among children, according to the Central Medical Health Department. The Global Youth Tobacco Survey said the same thing. ” Vijayasaireddy said in his tweets. But, none of this is visible to TDP chief Chandrababu.

Meanwhile, a team of 18 party members led by TDP chief Chandrababu left for Delhi today. In the afternoon he met President Ramnath Kovind. YCP ranks have complained of attacks on the TDP office. They asked the President to put a Presidential rule in Andhra Pradesh. Chandrababu complained to the President that anarchy was continuing in Andhra Pradesh and that the drug mafia was stirring it up. It has been alleged that the YCP ranks are provoking and disrupting power and launching sporadic attacks. The attack on the state party office was the first of its kind in the country, according to a complaint lodged with the President.

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