NASA: Have you seen the star formation ..? NASA shares eye-popping space scene .. | NASA’s Hubble Telescope Captures Stunning Image of ‘Colorful Star Forming Region’

Nasa NASA’s Hubble Telescope Captures: Astronomers monitor every small event that takes place in space. Every event that takes place in space looks amazing. Even two eyes are not enough to see them. Because .. In the research of astronomers, many discoveries and miraculous events have already come to light. Scientists from the American Space … Read more

Tesla Market Cap: Record-breaking electric car company Tesla .. Fastest multi-billion dollar market capitalization .. | Tesla Electric Vehicle Company created record with 1 Trillion Dollars Market Capitalization

Tesla Car Tesla Market Cap: Tesla’s market capitalization reached $ 1 trillion for the first time on October 25. This led to the inclusion of the American EV (electric vehicle) manufacturer in the Elite Club, which includes companies such as Microsoft and Alphabet (Google’s parent). Apple, Amazon, and Facebook (Apple, Amazon, Facebook) have a market … Read more

Lie Detecting: These tests can detect if someone is lying .. How .. | Lie Detecting scientific methods know about polygraph Norco Analysis Brain Mapping in details

Lie Detectng Machine Lie Detecting: Finding the culprits is one height .. Proving their guilt and getting them punished is another height. The second is more difficult for the police than the first. Because even though they know that what is in front of them is the perpetrator of the crime .. they are often … Read more

Rugged e Bike: 160 km on a single charge .. Go this bike .. Rugged electric bikes bookings are gone .. | E bike go Rugged electric bike 1 Lakh record bookings releasing on Diwali

Rugged E Bike Rugged e Bike: E-Bike Go released its Rugged bike two months ago. E-Bike Go claims to have received over one lakh orders for its electric bike. With this, the company has collected over Rs 10 crore so far. The company claims that it will always be one of the strongest electric bikes. … Read more

Redmi Note 11 Pro .. 120W is coming with fast charging .. What are the features ..? | Redmi note 11 series comes with 120w fast charger know leak specifications and price

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Redmi Note 11 Pro: Leading smartphone company Redmi is hosting an event on October 28th. On this occasion, the Redmi Note 11 series smartphone will be unveiled. The Redmi Watch 2 will also be knocked out at this launching event. The upcoming series design has been revealed from the Redmi Note … Read more

Jio Phone Next: Geophone Next with Pragati OS .. These are the latest features released by Jio! | Reliance officially released its Jio Phone next smart Phone features and Price

Jio Phone Next Jio Phone Next: The world’s cheapest Android smartphone Jio Phone Next (JioPhone Next) will be released soon. The company said it would launch before Diwali. In such a situation, the company has shared videos and features related to this phone. Said in the phone making video. This phone is made in India. … Read more

NASA about Aliens: The existence of aliens may be .. NASA chief Bill Nelson suspected! | NASA chief Bil Nelson expressed positive doubt about the Aliens and life on another planets

Whether there are aliens or not is a million dollar question that has been simmering ever since. NASA chief Bill Nelson has not ruled out the possibility. There is no absolute denial that so. He made it clear that he believed that there could be tuna elsewhere in the universe. 1/5 NASA chief Bill Nelson … Read more

Electric Car: This is the fastest electric car in India ..! If you know the top speed, you will be shocked .. | India gets its fastest electric car ev ekonk top speed is 309 km per hour

Fastest Car Of India Electric Car: The electric vehicle market in India is expanding rapidly. Indian EV startup Vajirani has introduced the fastest single-seat hypercar in the country. The name of this car is Akonk. It is one of the fastest electric cars in the world. In terms of design and look, this car looks … Read more

Pushya Nakshatra: A wonderful day after 677 years .. That day is all gold .. Good luck to you ..! | Guru Pushya Nakshatra: After 677 years, special Mahamuhurta for shopping and investment on October 28, before Diwali

Pushya Nakshatra Pushya Nakshatra: Most of the people who want to buy anything have a lot of anavaiti Indians who see if that day is a good day or not. And gold jewelry, vehicles, land, house .. Anything to buy like this is usually ten times a day when a good day. Most people believe … Read more

Fact Check: Did you get a WhatsApp message from the Department of Telecom? If you open it, that’s it .. your account will be empty! | Fact Check about the message forwarding in whatsapp in the name of telecom department is Fake

Fact Check Fact Check: Have you also seen the application proposal from the Department of Telecom on WhatsApp or any social media platform? One such announcement in recent times has been circulating wildly. If yes, be careful. This is because there is a demand for a registration fee of Rs 15,360. Examining whether this is … Read more