Amarinder Singh: Sidhu will not leave wherever he is contesting .. Amarinder Singh’s key statement on the new party | Punjab Elections 2022 Will fight Sidhu wherever he contests from says Captain Amarinder Singh

Amarinder Singh Amarinder Singh New Party: As the Punjab Assembly elections approach, it has been confirmed that another new party will be formed in the state. Former state chief minister Amarinder Singh announced at a press conference on Wednesday morning that a new party would be formed soon. He said his party would announce its … Read more

Vijaya Sai Reddy: Pattabhi flees abroad for fear of Chandrababu conspiracy: Vijayasaireddy Key remarks | Ysrcp mp vijaya sai reddy sensational comments on chandrababu naidu over delhi tour and ap politics

Vijaya Sai Reddy Vijaya Sai Reddy on Chandrababu Naidu: YSR CP leader, MP Vijayasaireddy is angry that TDP chief Chandrababu has come to Delhi to tarnish the image of Andhra Pradesh. Why did Chandrababu, the king of unscrupulous forces, come to Delhi? Did you come to manage the systems or did you come to claim … Read more

Amarinder Singh New Party: Except for them, Amarinder Singh will not join the new party .. Sidhu Satyamani Interesting Comments | Punjab elections 2022 No Congress MLA Will Join Amarinder Singh Except they says Navjot Kaur Sidhu

Amarinder Singh Another new party is emerging in Punjab today. Former CM of the state Captain Amarinder Singh will officially announce the new party at a press conference today (Wednesday). He will also make an official statement on the alliance between the BJP and the Shiromani Akali Dal faction in the coming assembly elections. In … Read more

News Watch: Campaign screen – bait for temptations … View for more news stories News Watch | News watch headline on 27 10 2021 in telugu states tv9 video

News Watch: News watch TV9 special video with special focus on the main headlines of Telugu states … See more here: Samantha: That is the only reason .. made Samantha scream .. !! That’s why it did so .. Video Viral Video: Fida Avvaka will not listen to this buddy’s cute words .. Watch the … Read more

Huzurabad And Badvel By Election: Today’s campaign is on the screen .. Huzurabad, Badwell in Horahori .. | Huzurabad And Badvel By Election campaign ends today

By Election Huzurabad And Badvel By Election campaign: By-election heat reaches climax in Telugu states. The by-election campaign in Huzurabad and Badwell constituencies in AP, Telangana will end today. The election campaign is due to end 48 hours before the polls on the 30th of this month. However, the Election Commission has given permission to … Read more

Huzurabad By-Election: In a few hours .. the mics will go dumb .. now the game behind the screen will start .. | Huzurabad By Election Campaign To End Tuesday

Huzurabad By Election In a few hours .. the mics will go dumb .. the people who went to the campaign packed up. That’s it .. then the behind the scenes dance begins. Candidates will devote the remaining time to the distribution of money and alcohol. Begin to appease voters at the last minute. The … Read more

Telangana: Minister Jagadish Reddy fires at TPCC chief Rewanth. Telangana Minister Jagadish Reddy Serious Comments on TPCC Chief Revanth Reddy

Jagadish Reddy Telangana: Minister Jagadish Reddy was fired over remarks made by Telangana Pradesh Congress chief Revant Reddy that the government had failed to manage power companies. He gave the allegations a strong counter. Speaking to the media on Tuesday on the same topic, Rewanth Reddy flagged the words of retailers and retail politics. I … Read more

Facebook: Facebook has become fake news .. sold to BJP .. Congress party sharply criticizes | AICC congress party leaders fake news comments on Facebook and also FB sold to BJP

Fb FB – Congress party: Congress is incensed that social media giant Facebook is a puppet in the hands of the BJP. The BJP is demanding an investigation into the Facebook deal with the JPC. The party leaders have criticized the BJP for having a policy of benefiting the BJP in the elections. The party … Read more

Big News Big Debate: Badvelu Premier League – Bullets of words exploding in BPL war | Tv9 Big News Big Debate on Badvel By election with Rajinikanth

Big News Big Debate Big News Big Debate: Bullets of words are exploding in the Badwell Bipole War. Do not trust the local police. The BJP has demanded that elections be held with central forces. Give special status YCP poses a challenge to withdraw from the competition. The Congress has called for defeating the BJP … Read more