Big News Big Debate: Badvelu Premier League – Bullets of words exploding in BPL war | Tv9 Big News Big Debate on Badvel By election with Rajinikanth

Big News Big Debate: Badvelu Premier League - Bullets of words exploding in BPL war

Big News Big Debate

Big News Big Debate: Bullets of words are exploding in the Badwell Bipole War. Do not trust the local police. The BJP has demanded that elections be held with central forces. Give special status YCP poses a challenge to withdraw from the competition. The Congress has called for defeating the BJP and YCP, which are the cause of the state’s declining milk. Challenges in Badvelu Bipole .. Politics is becoming contentious with counter-challenges. Why the competition in Badwell, which was supposed to be one-sided, became juicy. Can Kamal Nath really get the secret support of non-competing parties?

The victory is certain. The majority counts as YCP. The BJP seems to be abusing the power of the YCP. Dheema said the outcome would also be arbitrary for the YCP, which has won with an unassailable majority wherever and whenever elections are held. However, the Kamal Naths are challenging the ruling party in Seema saying that they are enchanting the ruling party. Saffron is also bringing Hema Hemi into the campaign. YCP ministers and MLAs, led by Minister Peddireddy, stayed and focused on the majority.

YCP is depressing BJP on partition guarantees. The ruling party is questioning the relevance of the ports and the Kadapa steel industry. The BJP is countering the corruption of YCP MLAs and where ministers have the right to ask for votes. No matter the war between YCP and BJP .. the changing political equations here have become interesting. BJP leaders are saying something for their SELF SATISFACTION‌ .. MLA Roja said that other parties are playing dramas by putting BJP in front. Badwell also criticized the thieves for uniting in the by-elections.

The BJP’s strategy seems to be the same when it comes to YCP allegations. TDP is not in competition. Bhavana Kamal Nath is of the opinion that all anti-government votes will be taken by themselves. Janasena is an ally anyway. Although not publicly accepted, the cadre says that TDP has support internally. Hopes to show their strength with the votes that come together to do so. Taken as a front light, the strategy increased aggression in the March campaign. Hemahemi is landing in the field. Leaders are staying in the constituency and formulating more strategies. Complained to the EC and held elections in the presence of 15 more paramilitary forces. Putting CCTV cameras .. Kamal Nath succeeded in getting the Election Observer to come. The BJP was able to generate heat amid the unilateral campaign.

The Communist Party announced its support for the Congress party, which had previously won more votes than the BJP. Absence of TDP in the contest .. The CPI, which is agitating against the ruling party, says its vote is for the Congress. All in all, the YCP, BJP and Congress are rushing. The leaders of the three parties stayed there. It will be clear on November 2 who will be in the Badwell Premier League. (Big News Big Debate Desk)

The Big Debate on TV9 Studios on the same topic… Watch the video below for full information.

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