Battle Grounds Mobile India: Are you playing Battle Grounds game? But do not make these mistakes. | Crofton banned thousands of Battle grounds Mobile Game user accounts due to over violation of security system

Battle Grounds Mobile India: Are you playing Battle Grounds game?  But do not make these mistakes.

Battle Grounds Mobile India

Battle Grounds Mobile India: Crafton has banned 87,961 accounts belonging to its Battle Grounds Mobil India (Battlefield Mobile India). The company claims that these accounts are involved in illegal activities. They are cheating and hacking to win the game. Krafton This banned account data is for the period between September 24th and 30th. That means Crafton closed so many accounts in just six days.
Crafton said the 87,961 accounts had been checked by their security systems and community monitoring before being banned, after which their accounts were permanently closed for breaches. Earlier this month, Crafton again made a list of suspended accounts. So that players who play fouls can be taken out as quickly as possible.

These mistakes are prohibited.
The account will be suspended if anyone is found to have cheated the customer. If an account is found to promote fraud or use the cheat-assisted rank system, Krafton will ban that account. An account that is already banned for fraud will also be permanently banned. The company also bans accounts that are advertisers of false programs and fraudulent sales.

New game modes coming to Battleground Mobile India huh. These modes were previously available on PUBG mobiles. No release date for these modes. But Krafton says he’s going to release them soon.

Pubz mobile game is very popular in our country. However, it is known that it is banned in our country. The game then re-entered India with a new incarnation. Pubz mobile game launched in India under the name ‘Battle Ground Mobile India’.

Although a special version of the Pubz game has been made available for India, the game is similar in many respects to the original Pubz Mobile. However, there is only a small change here in the Indian version of the game. By the time the game returned to India, thousands of people had downloaded it. Many people use some cheating options as part of playing this game. Use like this is a crime according to the rules of the game. That is why the accounts of those who made such attempts were deleted.

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