Bandi Sanjay: KCR should resign immediately to take moral responsibility: Bandi Sanjay | Telangana BJP Chief Bandi Sanjay demands Taking on Rythu bandhu responsibility CM KCR should resign

Bandi Sanjay: Taking moral responsibility, KCR should resign immediately: Bandi Sanjay

Bandi Sanjay

Bandi Sanjay – CM KCR: Telangana BJP president Bandi Sanjay has taken outrage on the Telangana government in the wake of Easy suspending the farmer bond scheme. In a series of tweets, the Chief Minister criticized KCR. The EC has ordered the suspension of the “Dalit Bandhu” scheme due to the failure of CM KCR. KCR should resign from its post immediately, taking moral responsibility for cheating Dalits once again. With his conspiratorial mindset, he stopped releasing funds to anyone under the Dalitbandhu scheme. ” Said Sanjay.

“Banks in the country have never had a record of freezing money in a beneficiary’s account. However, KCR deliberately kept the Dalit bond money in the beneficiary’s account and at the same time froze it without drawing. When the Dalit bandh was announced, KCR said that Dalits could use the funds unconditionally to get employment. After that, conditions were changed. Beneficiaries should be given the facility to draw the funds deposited in the bank. ” Said the cart.

“KCR has somehow conspired to stop the ‘Dalit Bandhu’ scheme and push this Nepal on others. Knowing in advance that orders were coming from the Election Commission, he conducted a review on the Dalit relative and uttered parrot remarks. So far, not a single Dalit beneficiary has been able to use the funds, but KCR has opened another drama by announcing that it is releasing another Rs 250 crore. ” Sanjay alleged.

“KCR has been cheating Dalits from the beginning. Proof of this is the failure to guarantee that the Dalit will be made the CM and that the Dalits will be given three types of land. Recently the Dalit kinship scheme was stopped and once again deceived. KCR, who is feeding the stomachs of the Dalits with his hypocritical intellect and dramas, is being bullied by the Dalits. In the Huzurabad by-election, it is certain that the Dalits will teach the TRS a lesson. ” Sanjay was incensed.

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