Space Station: Chinese astronauts who went on a long space mission for six months in space! | China started space station construction 6 months longest space tour for China Astronauts

China Space Staion Space Station: China opens a new chapter in space exploration. Three astronauts landed on Saturday at the newly built space center. The Shenzhou-13 spacecraft was launched from the Jikuan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia on a Long March 2F rocket. The rocket crashed into Ningyi just after 12 … Read more

Motkupalli: Motkupalli Narsimhulu joins TRS party. Telangana senior political leader Motkupalli Narsimha’s entry into the TRS party has been finalized

Motkupalli Motkupalli Narsimhulu: The time has come for Motkupalli Narsimhulu to join the TRS party. It is known that Motkupalli played a key role in the Telugu Desam Party before the partition of the state. Motkupalli has been making pro-TRS remarks for some time now. And now they are ready to cover the pink scarf … Read more

Phone Stolen: Do this if your smart phone is stolen .. otherwise the bank account will be empty .. | When your Phone Stolen gets lost else your bank account will be emptied details

Phone Lost The smartphone has become a part of everyone’s life. We could not stay without it for a minute or so. Nowadays there is no going forward as long as the smartphone is out of hand. Especially financial transactions .. These are very useful to know important information from time to time. At the … Read more

Huzurabad by-poll: One calculation till now .. No more another calculation .. Gear changed TRS | TRS Changes Strategy On Huzurabad By Election CM KCR KTR Gellu Srinivas Yadav

Trs Huzurabad By Poll A calculation so far. No more another calculation. ! These two weeks are total. Bored with the House. This is the rosary planning on the Huzurabad subterfuge. It has already handed over campaign responsibilities to ministers and MLAs. Now putting others on the scene. CM KCR will hand over the campaigning … Read more

Know This: Signals from space to earth .. sent by aliens ..? Video | An unusual radio wave sent from the middle of the Milky Way has experts confused video

Aliens .. Aliens .. Aliens .. This name is a big mystery. I don’t know if there are but .. there is a kind of interest in people all over the world. Are there aliens? Aliens .. Aliens .. Aliens .. This name is a big mystery. I don’t know if there are but .. … Read more

TRS: Reception of nominations for the election of TRS party president from today, LP meeting in the afternoon | TRS: Receipt of nominations for the election of TRS party president from today, LP meeting in the afternoon

TRS Party TRS: TRS party LP meeting will be held at Telangana Bhavan this afternoon. The meeting will be chaired by Chief Minister and party chief KCR. Party General Body Meeting to be held on 25th of this month .. Plenary will be discussed in this meeting. On the other hand, there will be a … Read more

China Hypersonic Missile: China has tested a nuclear-related hypersonic missile! | China Tests Nuclear capable hypersonic missile it is Space capable missile

China Hipersonic Missile China Hypersonic Missile: China is showing more aggression regarding space. In this regard, the Dragon has once again demonstrated its intentions. China launched a hypersonic missile on Saturday, according to a report in the Financial Times. This missile is a nuclear-capable missile. The magazine cited a number of sources that contained information … Read more

Sasikala: Rendakula party hightension‌ .. Chinnamma in the plan to take the party into her own hands .. | VK Sasikala to enter active politics in Tamil Nadu Politics AIADMK rules out association with the ex leader

Vk Sasikala Chinnamma Tension‌ frightens the party of two. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the AnnadyMK. Against this backdrop the party is richly organizing golden jubilees. Leaders approaching the Jaya Memorial for a while .. will pay tribute to Amma. However .. During the 50th anniversary celebrations, the Sasikala riots started in AnnadyMK. Anxiety … Read more

TV Screens: Have you ever noticed these numbers appearing on the TV screen? Do you know what those numbers actually mean? | Dou observe numbers on your TV Screen Know about this Numbers why they appear on TV

Tv Screen TV Screens: No matter how many OTT platforms come on the mobile screen, the importance of television does not end there. Similarly the satellite channels air does not stop at all. We all watch TV channels the way we like. Sometimes cricket, sometimes cinema. While watching your favorite show or cricket match, did … Read more

Somu Veerraju: Brahmangari prophecy Kalarasevas are ruling the kingdom: Somu Veerraju | AP BJP Chief S0mu Veerraju open challenge to AP CM YS Jagan government on development in state on Badvel by election scenario

Somu Veerraju Badvel By Election – BJP: BJP state president Somuveerraju has challenged the AP government to say what it has done to the people of the state if the YCP dares. He said that if the Brahmanical prophecy says that Badvelu would become a basti, then at least the Badvelu harvest seasons would not … Read more