AP Politics: Pattabhi’s remarks that ignited fire in state politics .. Minister Avanti’s sensational remarks on Chandrababu ..! | AP Politics: Avanthi Srinivas Sensational Comments Chandrababu Naidu

AP Politics: Pattabhi's remarks that ignited the fire in state politics .. Minister Avanti's sensational remarks on Chandrababu ..!

AP Politics: It should be said that the AP state is on fire in politics. Every day there is a statewide upheaval due to clashes that take place in some corner. And if there is a rift between TDP and YCP activists, it will be a rift. State politics is in turmoil in the wake of YSRCP activists’ attack on the house of Telugu Desam party spokesperson Pattabhi. The remarks made by Pattabhi ignited a fire in the state. The TDP has called for a statewide bandh tomorrow in protest. Minister Avanti Srinivasa Rao made sensational remarks in this regard. He commented that the TDP leaders were a testament to how deteriorating politics was. He alleged that Chandrababu Naidu had been trying to create unrest in the state for two and a half years. Avanti flagged on Chandrababu that Chandrababu’s men spoke in a provocative manner today.

There is no such situation in politics.

He alleged that such a situation had never existed in politics, that Chandrababu had increased the problems at home and that he was speaking to divert the crisis. Chandrababu wants to make his son Lokesh a leader .. but TDP leaders do not agree in the party .. they are incensed that they are politicizing small incidents.

There are three divisions in TDP.

Nara Lokesh said the party was not accepting the leadership as there were three divisions going on in the state TDP party. He said the demand was high in the party to bring in junior NTR and invite Pawan Kalyan. He alleged that Chandrababu was prepared to corrupt politics by being impatient with not being able to make his son the chief minister as he was getting older. Avanti was outraged that provocative measures were being taken to divert public attention from the crisis. Chandrababu, who has a long experience as CEO, said it was important to recognize that the politics he was doing now was not good.

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